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Long Shot

A one-of-a-kind ship built by the puppeteers that has a quantum II hyperdrive engine that allows it to travel one light year in five-fourths of a minute.

Lying Bastard (Liar)

This object is the heavily protected ship with one long wing that is filled with weapons that have some plausible other explanation.

The Puppeteer World

This is made up of a system of five planets that travels together through space. Here the buildings are tall and built tightly together because of the large population.


This place is built around a distant sun and has been pierced by at least two meteors.

Shadow Squares

This orbits the sun periodically blocking the light and creating artificial day and night by its shadows.


This is a giant mountain in the middle of the desert created by a meteor.

The Flying Castle (Heaven)

This floats over the ground...

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