Ringworld Character Descriptions

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Louis Wu

This person is a 200-year-old human adventurer, with an Asian look that is enhanced by dyes, decorations, and depilatory chemicals.



This character is a puppeteer who is considered mad by others. He is willing to face the dangers of spaceship travel.

Teela Brown

This character was born lucky and was the result of a puppeteer experiment on humanity.


This character is covered in orange fur and enjoys hunting and fresh meat.

Paula Cherenkov

This character is great-great grandmother who once broke her lover's heart.


Throughout the story, this character only appears to others as a projection on a screen.

The First Native Priest

This person is a native leader of the indigenous peoples of the Ringworld who believes the aliens are gods.

The Second Native Priest

This character spends time beneath the floating castle and also acts as a local leader to the...

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