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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Riddley tries to get Lissener to quit talking the first night they are together?

2. What does Orfing say happened when the hevvys took the yellowboy stones and made a mixture?

3. How does the Orfing/Walker show end?

4. What did the work crew find in the hole the morning after Durster's mishap?

5. The night of Potter's mishap, where does Riddley sleep?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Lissener and Riddley find near the sea?

2. Riddley returns to Widders Dump and finds Goodparley there. Why does Riddley give Goodparley the stones?

3. What does Flinter RIghtway tell Orfing and Riddley when they arrive at Weaping Form to do the Punch show?

4. Goodparley has Riddley searched when he returns to Widders Dump. The little figure is found on Riddley. What does the little figure Riddley found mean to Goodparley?

5. What does Riddley find in the diggings the third day he goes to them?

6. After Riddley jumps the Widders Dump fence, where is he led and why?

7. What happens when Riddley walks ahead of the other men when they are jobbing for a second time?

8. What does Riddley do to Durster Potter and why?

9. Describe the Punch show that Orfing and Riddley do at Weaping Form.

10. Why do Lissener and Riddley decide to separate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Riddley releases Lissener from the hole, Lissener relates the children's game Fools Circle 9wys to himself. What is Lissener's title? What does the children's game Fools Circel 9wys have to do with Lissener? Why would Goodparley or anyone else want to put Lissener's head on a pole?

Essay Topic 2

Riddley often mentions the odors around him. Do these frequent references to the sense of smell make the scenes in the novel more realistic? Why or why not? List examples of times when Riddley mentions how something smells. How would you classify the scents in Riddley's world? What do the odors tell you about Riddley's world?

Essay Topic 3

Compare The Legend of St. Eustace in Chapter 14, to the Eusa story. What does the stag mean in the St. Eustace Legend? What does it mean in the Eusa story? How is St. Eustace's family like and unlike Eusa's family? What events in St. Eustace's life are similar to Eusa's? How is the end of the St. Eustace story like and unlike the end of the Eusa story? How does Goodparley compare the two stories?

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