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Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Lorna give for the baby's death?

2. in Lorna's story, how did the man and woman's lives change after they got the 1st knowing?

3. In the Goodparley/Orfing Eusa show, what part of his body does Eusa say is missing?

4. After splitting the atom, Eusa continues to see the Littl Man. How can Eusa get away from the Littl Man?

5. What was the reaction to Brooder's connexion for the Eusa story Riddley remembers from childhood?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lorna tell Riddley after they freshen the Luck?

2. In the written Eusa story, describe what happens when Eusa finds the Littl Shynin Man the Addom.

3. What was the second thing that happened after Brooder died?

4. What are the rituals that are followed with Brooder Walker's body?

5. In the written Eusa story, Eusa sees the Littl Shynin Man after the 1 Big 1 is released. What does the Littl Man tell Eusa?

6. Goodparley and Orfing show up at Widders Dump to do a show. What does Riddley say about these men?

7. Describe what happens in the story, "Hart of the Wood" that Riddley tells.

8. After Riddley's father dies, what do Riddley and the other men hear coming from Widders Dump?

9. Why did Riddley climb the big iron thing after his father died?

10. Why does Orfing call Eusa back after Eusa says the show is done?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare The Legend of St. Eustace in Chapter 14, to the Eusa story. What does the stag mean in the St. Eustace Legend? What does it mean in the Eusa story? How is St. Eustace's family like and unlike Eusa's family? What events in St. Eustace's life are similar to Eusa's? How is the end of the St. Eustace story like and unlike the end of the Eusa story? How does Goodparley compare the two stories?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 10, Riddley says that "1ce the kids start singing at you thas a cern kinyd of track youre on nor there aint to much you can do about it." Compare what Nimbel Potter sings about Riddley at the beginning of Chapter 10 and what the kid sings about Riddley when Riddley leaves Weaping Form. Does Riddley want to be on the track referred to in Chapter 10? Does he want to be on the track referred to in the last chapter? How are the two songs alike? How are they different? Did the song in Chapter 10 hint at what was to come for Riddley? Does the song in the last chapter hint at what is to come?

Essay Topic 3

Up until Riddley goes to Fork Stoan with Lissener, Riddley has been against Goodparley's plan to bring back technology. In Chapter 13, when Riddley and Lissener see old machines nearly intact, the sight makes Riddley cry. Why do the machines cause Riddley to have such a strong reaction? What does Riddley understand about the word shynin when he sees the machines? Why does the sight of the machines help him understand what has been lost? How does his sudden understanding of Eusa, Eusa's head and the Littl Shyning Man make him want to get the shyning Power back? Why does he want to be like those who had boats in the air and picters on the wind? Why does he want to see the shyning weals turning? Why does he no longer want to be against Goodparley's plan?

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