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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the 1st knowing that Lorna refers to?

2. What does Riddley think when he first sees the Eusa puppet during the Goodparley/Orfing show?

3. Why does Riddley go outside after the Goodparley/ Orfing Eusa show?

4. What is the first thing Riddley talked about when he began his reveal?

5. After splitting the atom, Eusa continues to see the Littl Man. How can Eusa get away from the Littl Man?

Short Essay Questions

1. Goodparley and Orfing do a wotcher with Riddley. Describe the ritual.

2. After the Goodparley/Orfing show, what do people do?

3. At the beginning of the novel, why do you think Riddley Walker says, "Your turn now my turn later"?

4. Why did Riddley climb the big iron thing after his father died?

5. What happens in the written Eusa story after Eusa runs the numbers through the Power Ring?

6. In the Goodparley/Orfing show, what does Mr. Clevver do?

7. Why are the children playing Black Pack at the beginning of Chapter 3?

8. What happened three days after Riddley's naming day?

9. What is the story "Why the Dog Wont Show Its Eyes" about?

10. Describe the game the children play after Riddley kills the boar.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Riddley becomes friendly with the Bernt Arse pack. Explore this relationship and how it began. Why do you think the old leader sacrificed himself to Riddley? Why do the dogs begin hanging around whenever Riddley is near? Does Lissener play a role in getting the dog pack and Riddley together? Why do the dogs follow Riddley all across Inland? Why do they continue to follow him in his new role with Orfing?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 14, Goodparley compares events in Riddley's life to the Fools Circel 9wys. How does Goodparley relate each line to something that has happened to Riddley? What put Fools Circel 9wys in the air? How does the children's game relate to Eusa? How has Goodparley been roading in that circle? Why is the game such an important part of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Explore how the knowledge of how to produce gunpowder was preserved by the coal burners and the dyers. Why does it take everyone so long to realize that the coal burners and dyers have the knowledge? How does finding the yeller stones bring all the knowledge together? Now that the the knowledge is out in the open, will more and more people learn how to make gunpowder?

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