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Short Answer Questions

1. At the digging why didn't the "littl witey bloak" want the girt big thing?

2. Who was at the digging in Chapter 5 when Riddley arrived?

3. Why was everyone left hanging when Riddley did his first connexion?

4. Who was following the narrator and his companions on the day the novel begins?

5. How did the man and woman in Lorna's story get the 1st knowing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in the written Eusa story after Eusa runs the numbers through the Power Ring?

2. What do Orfing and Riddley do after Granser and Goodparley die?

3. What does Lorna tell Riddley after they freshen the Luck?

4. What does Riddley do to Durster Potter and why?

5. At the time Riddley's father was killed, what did Riddley know about dogs killing people?

6. Describe Riddley's first connexion.

7. What are the rituals that are followed with Brooder Walker's body?

8. In the written Eusa story, what was life like when Mr. Clevver was Big Man of Inland?

9. After Riddley's first connexion, what was it like for him at breakfast?

10. What does Flinter RIghtway tell Orfing and Riddley when they arrive at Weaping Form to do the Punch show?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the meaning of Riddley's name. What does he say about his name? What do others say about his name? Do both his first and his last name symbolize something? If so, what? Does his name have a double meaning? Why or why not? Does Riddley mention riddles in connection with his name? In Chapter 2, Riddley mentions riddles and the he is "walking them now on this paper"? Do you think Riddley's name is a riddle? Why or why not? What symbolism or ideas and emotions can be seen in his name?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 15, Riddley sees a drawing of Goodparley with the words Hoap of a Tree. Then later when Riddley finds Goodparley hung by his arms, Riddley asks if this is the Hoap of the Tree. Orfing says that it is. What is the significance of referring to Goodparley as the Hoap of the Tree? What is the Hoap of the Tree? Why is Goodparley compared to the Hoap of a Tree?

Essay Topic 3

Riddley becomes friendly with the Bernt Arse pack. Explore this relationship and how it began. Why do you think the old leader sacrificed himself to Riddley? Why do the dogs begin hanging around whenever Riddley is near? Does Lissener play a role in getting the dog pack and Riddley together? Why do the dogs follow Riddley all across Inland? Why do they continue to follow him in his new role with Orfing?

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