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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is the narrator of the story?
(a) He is sixteen years old.
(b) He is eighteen today.
(c) He is twenty-one today.
(d) He is twelve years old.

2. Why is the fire made on the night Brooder dies?
(a) To cremate Brooder Walker.
(b) To cremate the dead baby.
(c) To stay warm.
(d) To burn the dog that Riddley killed.

3. Why does the narrator decide to write his story?
(a) He likes to tell stories.
(b) His father asks him to write his story.
(c) Thinking about a thing that is inside of every person and what it might be.
(d) An old woman ask him to write his story.

4. What time does Goodparley say is past the day after Brooder dies?
(a) Time for farming.
(b) Time for the Eusa story.
(c) Time for connexions.
(d) Time for foraging.

5. What does Eusa claim in the Goodparley/Eusa show?
(a) That he killed Mr. Clevver.
(b) That he split the Littl Man.
(c) That he did not drop bombs.
(d) That he never had the knowledge.

6. What does Riddley confess about his father's connexions?
(a) Riddley thought he could do better connexions than his father did.
(b) He didn't like his father's connexions.
(c) His father always wrote out his connexions.
(d) They weren't anything special.

7. Who yelled "Fall! Fall! Fall!" while the men were trying to pull the large object out of the hole intact?
(a) Brooder Walker.
(b) Riddley.
(c) Chalker Marchman.
(d) A crow.

8. At the digging why didn't the "littl witey bloak" want the girt big thing?
(a) Because Riddley's father was killed by it.
(b) It will take too much manpower to get it out.
(c) It is not Eusa's head.
(d) It is the wrong type of metal.

9. What would Riddley like to do with the hide of the dog that he killed?
(a) Make a hood with the dog's teeth all around it.
(b) Burn it.
(c) Give it to Lorna.
(d) Make it into a coat.

10. After the people in Lorna's story had the 1st knowing for a while what did they begin to wonder?
(a) How to store food.
(b) What it would be like to look in the eyes of a deer.
(c) How to make friends with other animals.
(d) What the 2nd, 3rd, and other knowings might be like.

11. Who do the narrator and his companions pass as they walk by with their prize on the first day of the novel?
(a) A clever looking bloke.
(b) The chard coal burners.
(c) The Hart of the Wood.
(d) A man, woman, and child.

12. What did Chalker Marchman want done with the big thing that killed Riddley's father?
(a) Have it buried.
(b) Break it up and melt it down.
(c) Try to lift it out of the hole.
(d) That it be left alone.

13. The night Riddley's father dies, who starts a fire?
(a) The people of Widders Dump.
(b) Riddley, Straiter Empy, Reckman Bessup, and Lorna Elswint.
(c) The children of the village.
(d) The women of the village.

14. How are Eusa shows traditionally introduced?
(a) The kids sing.
(b) Lorna Elswint sings.
(c) Orfing talks to the crowd.
(d) Riddley and the crowd repeat lines about the show.

15. After the fire, what does Riddley accuse Lorna of doing?
(a) Of putting something on him.
(b) Of taking his food;
(c) Of stealing the dog's hide.
(d) Of killing the baby.

Short Answer Questions

1. Was it really the Littl Man who took Eusa's wife?

2. At the end of Lorna's story, what happens to the dog during the full moon?

3. What is the weather like the night after the burning?

4. Why has a large traveling party come to Widders Dump?

5. Who says that the Littl Shyning can be put back together the night after Brooder dies?

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