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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was at the digging in Chapter 5 when Riddley arrived?
(a) Chalker Marchman and an albino.
(b) Nimbel Potter.
(c) The Bernt Arse Pack.
(d) Lorna Elswint.

2. Who runs on Riddley's knife the day the men try to lift the object from the hole intact?
(a) Lorna Elswint.
(b) The Hart of the Wood.
(c) The leader of the Bernt Arse pack.
(d) Riddley's father.

3. Who yelled "Fall! Fall! Fall!" while the men were trying to pull the large object out of the hole intact?
(a) A crow.
(b) Chalker Marchman.
(c) Brooder Walker.
(d) Riddley.

4. On the day the men try to lift the object from the hole intact, what three things does Riddley try to connect?
(a) The crow, the baby, and the dog.
(b) The deaths of his father, the baby, and the dog.
(c) Lorna's tel, the death of his father, and the death of the baby.
(d) The deaths of his father, mother, and grandfather.

5. How did the man and woman in Lorna's story get the 1st knowing?
(a) They looked into a goat's eyes.
(b) They looked into the dog's eyes during a full moon.
(c) They looked into the fire.
(d) They looked into each others eyes.

6. After splitting the atom, Eusa continues to see the Littl Man. How can Eusa get away from the Littl Man?
(a) By getting on a ship.
(b) He can't get away from the Littl Man.
(c) By running.
(d) By dying.

7. Who dies in the village the same day that the men are trying to remove the object from the hole?
(a) A baby.
(b) The leader of the Bernt Arse pack.
(c) Lorna Elswint.
(d) Riddley's mother.

8. Why is the albino at the digging?
(a) He came to pay his respects to Riddley.
(b) He came to put on a Eusa show.
(c) He wanted to be sure the big thing was broken up properly.
(d) He needed timber cut for a project he was building at Widders Dump.

9. The night Riddley's father dies, who starts a fire?
(a) The people of Widders Dump.
(b) The women of the village.
(c) The children of the village.
(d) Riddley, Straiter Empy, Reckman Bessup, and Lorna Elswint.

10. Why has a large traveling party come to Widders Dump?
(a) To inspect the digging.
(b) To help with a building project at Widders Dump.
(c) To help break up the big thing.
(d) To do a Eusa show.

11. How old is the albino?
(a) Thirty-two.
(b) Ten.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Fifty-five.

12. After he splits the atom, why doesn't Eusa know how many changes there are to come?
(a) Eusa's wife had the information with her.
(b) He never knew how many changes there would be.
(c) The Little Man won't tell him.
(d) The writing with the numbers was destroyed.

13. In the story told by Lorna in Chapter 3, what things have shape?
(a) Everything, even the night.
(b) Everything, except the night.
(c) The ground.
(d) People and animals.

14. When does the narrator's story in Chapter 1 take place?
(a) The day the narrator was born.
(b) After the bad time.
(c) Before the bad time.
(d) Three days before the novel begins.

15. At the end of Lorna's story, what happens to the dog during the full moon?
(a) He howls at the moon.
(b) He finds a mate.
(c) He becomes less wild.
(d) He goes mad and hurts people if he catches them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was following the narrator and his companions on the day the novel begins?

2. What position will Riddley hold in his village now that his father is dead?

3. What does Goodparley want Riddley to tell after they share the wotcher?

4. Who plays the part of Eusa in the show put on the the Pry Mincer and Wes Mincer?

5. What happened three days after Riddley's naming day?

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