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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Goodparley/Orfing show, how does Eusa lose all his knowledge?
(a) Mr. Clevver steals the book with the knowledge.
(b) Eusa's enemies steal it.
(c) Eusa loses it in a fire.
(d) Mr. Clevver puts the knowledge in the box and takes it.

2. What are the children doing the night after the burning?
(a) Listening to Lorna tell a story.
(b) Fighting.
(c) Playing ball.
(d) Singing and playing in the puddles.

3. What is the usual procedure for getting large objects out of holes?
(a) Lift the object out using all the strong men on the work crew.
(b) Men would get in the hole with pick axes and break the object apart.
(c) If the object was really large, they simply had to leave it in the hole.
(d) Drop large rocks from a crane and break the object into pieces.

4. in Lorna's story, how did the man and woman's lives change after they got the 1st knowing?
(a) They stopped wandering, settled down, raised animals, and grew crops.
(b) They built a large boat.
(c) They made tents and wandered even more than they had before.
(d) They foraged with the dog.

5. What does Lorna say happened to the air boats?
(a) They were destroyed in the 1 Big 1.
(b) People sabotaged them.
(c) They ran out of fuel after the 1 Big 1.
(d) They got to space stations and the people on them died.

6. Who plays the part of Eusa in the show put on the the Pry Mincer and Wes Mincer?
(a) Riddley.
(b) Goodparley.
(c) Orfing.
(d) Belnot Phist.

7. Why do the villagers join hands around a fire?
(a) To pray for protection from bad luck.
(b) To pray for a good harvest.
(c) To celebrate the killing of the dog.
(d) To talk about Brooder's life.

8. What does Riddley think after the Eusa show ends on the night he is scarred?
(a) This Eusa show was his first as connexion man.
(b) This was the best Eusa show he had ever seen.
(c) That Eusa did drop the bombs.
(d) This Eusa show did not tell the true story.

9. What three things does Lorna talk about on the evening Riddley's father died?
(a) Three stories about Eusa.
(b) Three villages that are threatened by wild dogs.
(c) Brooder's death, the baby's death, and the dog's death.
(d) Three stories about Master Chaynjis.

10. After he splits the atom, why doesn't Eusa know how many changes there are to come?
(a) The Little Man won't tell him.
(b) He never knew how many changes there would be.
(c) Eusa's wife had the information with her.
(d) The writing with the numbers was destroyed.

11. What did the people of the village sing around the fire on the evening Brooder Walker died?
(a) Ode to Master Chaynjis.
(b) Savering Gallack Seas.
(c) They didn't sing, they were too sad.
(d) An unkown funeral dirge.

12. When does the narrator's story in Chapter 1 take place?
(a) The day the narrator was born.
(b) Three days before the novel begins.
(c) Before the bad time.
(d) After the bad time.

13. On the day the men try to lift the object from the hole intact, what three things does Riddley try to connect?
(a) The deaths of his father, the baby, and the dog.
(b) Lorna's tel, the death of his father, and the death of the baby.
(c) The crow, the baby, and the dog.
(d) The deaths of his father, mother, and grandfather.

14. What happens to the three people in the narrator's story?
(a) They freeze to death.
(b) They are struck by lighting.
(c) The child is killed and eaten and the parents are burned by fire.
(d) The child is killed and eaten and the parents leave the next morning.

15. At the end of Lorna's story, what happens to the dog during the full moon?
(a) He howls at the moon.
(b) He finds a mate.
(c) He goes mad and hurts people if he catches them.
(d) He becomes less wild.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when the people in Lorna's story put in the 1 Big 1?

2. What did Riddley say as the villagers stood around the fire the evening his father died?

3. Which of the Eusa showmen is said to be one who interprets things?

4. What story does Lorna tell the same day that Riddley's father died?

5. After the fire, how does everyone look at Riddley?

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