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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the narrator and his companions pass as they walk by with their prize on the first day of the novel?
(a) A man, woman, and child.
(b) The Hart of the Wood.
(c) The chard coal burners.
(d) A clever looking bloke.

2. What does Riddley confess about his father's connexions?
(a) Riddley thought he could do better connexions than his father did.
(b) He didn't like his father's connexions.
(c) They weren't anything special.
(d) His father always wrote out his connexions.

3. Who follows Riddley and the other men to Widders Dump the day after his father's death?
(a) Rockman Bessup.
(b) Bernt Arse Pack.
(c) The children from How Fents.
(d) Lorna Elswint.

4. Who plays the part of Eusa in the show put on the the Pry Mincer and Wes Mincer?
(a) Orfing.
(b) Riddley.
(c) Belnot Phist.
(d) Goodparley.

5. On the day the men try to lift the object from the hole intact, what three things does Riddley try to connect?
(a) Lorna's tel, the death of his father, and the death of the baby.
(b) The crow, the baby, and the dog.
(c) The deaths of his father, mother, and grandfather.
(d) The deaths of his father, the baby, and the dog.

6. What does Goodparley want Riddley to tell after they share the wotcher?
(a) The story Lorna told Riddley.
(b) The story of killing the boar.
(c) Eusa 31.
(d) The story of how his father died.

7. Who are the characters in the story Riddley remembers from his 7th or 8th year?
(a) Folleree and Folleroo.
(b) Eusa, salting bloak, Littl Shyning Man, and Mr. Clevver.
(c) Punch and Pooty.
(d) Eusa and Mr. Clevver.

8. When Eusa finds a stag, why won't it run from him in the written Eusa story?
(a) The stag is caught in a trap.
(b) The stag told him that nothing will run from Eusa anymore, but soon Eusa will run from everything.
(c) The stag is tied to a tree.
(d) The stag is hurt.

9. What does Lorna say bonfires were used for?
(a) To celebrate a good harvest.
(b) To keep away wild dogs.
(c) To call back those who left in the air ships to fetch the people left behind.
(d) To keep everyone warm.

10. What have the little kids been doing while Riddley was scared?
(a) Creeping in and out of the fit.
(b) Getting ready for bed.
(c) Singing in the rain.
(d) Eating their dinners.

11. What story does the narrator tell in Chapter 1?
(a) The story of his mother's death.
(b) The Hart of the Wood.
(c) The Eusa story.
(d) His birth story.

12. When does the narrator's story in Chapter 1 take place?
(a) After the bad time.
(b) Three days before the novel begins.
(c) Before the bad time.
(d) The day the narrator was born.

13. How old is the narrator of the story?
(a) He is twelve years old.
(b) He is eighteen today.
(c) He is sixteen years old.
(d) He is twenty-one today.

14. Where does Riddley go to get his scar?
(a) Lorna Elswint's shelter.
(b) Divvy roof.
(c) His shelter.
(d) Widders Dump.

15. What is the name of the place that Riddley lives?
(a) Bernt Arse.
(b) Bundel Downs.
(c) How Fents.
(d) Cambry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Riddley begin to tell the Eusa story from the time he was 7 or 8?

2. Who was following the narrator and his companions on the day the novel begins?

3. In the written Eusa story, who was the Big Man?

4. After Goodparley and Orfing finish the show, what does Durster Potter say to Riddley?

5. What does Riddley think after the Eusa show ends on the night he is scarred?

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