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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the albino at the digging?
(a) Belnost Phist from the Mincery.
(b) Goodparley.
(c) An old friend of Brooder Walker.
(d) Orfing.

2. Why do the villagers join hands around a fire?
(a) To pray for a good harvest.
(b) To talk about Brooder's life.
(c) To celebrate the killing of the dog.
(d) To pray for protection from bad luck.

3. What is the first thing the narrator does in Chapter 1?
(a) Kills a deer.
(b) Talks to an old woman.
(c) Kills a wild boar.
(d) Goes for a walk.

4. Why couldn't the people in Lorna's story get any rest after they obtained the 2nd knowledge?
(a) They were always fishing.
(b) They were always harvesting crops.
(c) They were always reading books.
(d) They were always counting.

5. In the story told by Lorna in Chapter 3, what things have shape?
(a) Everything, even the night.
(b) The ground.
(c) People and animals.
(d) Everything, except the night.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when the object fell that the men were trying to get out of the hole intact?

2. Who do the narrator and his companions pass as they walk by with their prize on the first day of the novel?

3. How old is the narrator of the story?

4. Who was at the digging in Chapter 5 when Riddley arrived?

5. What did the people of the village sing around the fire on the evening Brooder Walker died?

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