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Chapter 1

• It is twelve year-old Riddley Walker's naming day.

• Riddley begins the day by killing and spearing what may well be the last boar in Inland.

• On the way home, Riddley and the others with him pass the chard coal burners.

• Riddley tells a story about charcoal and how it came about.

Chapter 2

• Riddley's father is killed during a foraging expedition.

• Three days after his father dies, Riddley kills the leader of the Bernt Arse dog pack.

• Killing the dog pack leader confirms Riddley's chosen status.

Chapter 3

• The same day Riddley's father is killed, the dog's head is stuck on a pole.

• Lorna Elswint tells Riddley a story called "Why the Dog Won't Show Its Eyes."

• The story Lorna tells explains how the nuclear holocaust known as "Master Chaynjis" occurred.

• Riddley believes the holocaust was caused by Eusa.
• Lorna explains that the two stories are not contradictory.

Chapter 4

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