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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the man who befriends Thomas on the ship?
(a) Dwayne
(b) Dwyer
(c) Derek
(d) Dan

2. What does Jean destroy in a drunken rage?
(a) Photographs
(b) Car
(c) Camera equipment
(d) China

3. What does Thomas name his boat?
(a) Clarissa
(b) Clairmont
(c) Clothilde
(d) Chloe

4. What does Thomas do to his sparring partner?
(a) Stabs him
(b) Breaks his jaw
(c) Shoots him
(d) Breaks his nose

5. What is the state of Rudolph's employment?
(a) He is starting his own business
(b) He is CEO
(c) He has changed professions
(d) He is retiring soon

6. Who kills Thomas?
(a) Rudolph
(b) Billy
(c) Wesley
(d) A pimp

7. What has Gretchen learned about Thomas?
(a) He has died
(b) He has remarried
(c) He is boxing again
(d) He and Dwyer bought a boat

8. What does Rudolph find all over Jean's room to serve as an answer to his proposal?
(a) Travel posters
(b) Pictures of him
(c) Flowers
(d) Pictures of rings

9. On what board does Rudolph serve?
(a) Intel
(b) AT&T
(c) IBM
(d) Local college

10. What is the message that Rudolph gets while in Europe?
(a) Mr. Calderwood has died
(b) Thomas wants to see him
(c) Gretchen has remarried
(d) Mary is dying

11. Why is Thomas intent on making a living at sea?
(a) He is hiding from the mob
(b) He wants to build ships
(c) He has always loved the water
(d) He wants to become a shipping magnate

12. What does Thomas receive from his mother?
(a) A letter
(b) Copy of a will
(c) Party invitation
(d) Old photographs

13. Where was the match that essentially ended Thomas' career?
(a) London
(b) Vancouver
(c) Paris
(d) Madrid

14. What is the state of Thomas' career in Part 3, Chapter 2?
(a) He is a U.S. champion
(b) It has ended
(c) He is a world champion
(d) He is on hiatus for awhile

15. Where do Rudolph and Jean go on their honeymoon?
(a) Asia
(b) Europe
(c) Australia
(d) Africa

Short Answer Questions

1. What industry does Gretchen work in?

2. What does Thomas request that Rudolph find for him?

3. Where is Rudolph when Gretchen reads a letter from him?

4. What does Thomas do for work now?

5. Which of the following is not one of the reasons Billy gives for his current unhappiness?

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