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The Bakery

The Jordache family owns this business in which both Axel and Mary work.

French Love Letters

Rudolph has a crush on his high school French teacher and spends many hours writing her these.

Explicit Drawing

Rudolph is caught with this and it leads to Axel coming to his son's defense.

Burning Cross

On VE day, Thomas and a friend violate Teddy Boylan's lawn with this.

Eight Hundred Dollars

Gretchen receives this from Teddy Boylan for spending the afternoon with him.

The Works of Shakespeare

Gretchen hides eight hundred dollars in this book.

The Military Hospital

Gretchen volunteers here on the outskirts of Port Philip.

Whitby College

This is where Rudolph gets his bachelor's degree, where he meets Brad, and where he is going to school when he begins working for Calderwood.

Calderwood's Department Store

This is the store where Rudolph goes to work while he is...

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