Revolution Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jennifer Donnelly
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Part 1, Hell: Chapters 1-9

• Andi is a depressed young woman who plays the guitar.

• Her mother is also depressed and her parents are no longer together.

• Andi's brother, Truman, passed away two years ago at the age of 10.

• Andi has considered suicide and is currently taking antidepressants.

• Andi is failing in school and must turn in a senior thesis to graduate.
• Andi's father has come to take her to Paris and put her mother in a psychiatric ward.

• Andi and her father do not get along.

Part 1, Hell: Chapters 10-15

• Andi resents her father for putting her mother in the hospital and forcing her to come to Paris.

• Andi is introduced to G and Lili who live in an old factory building. The pair collect things from the French Revolution and hope to start a museum.

• Andi discovers an old guitar in G's living area. After breaking some...

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