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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the best description of the new barn by 5:00 on the evening of the arrival at the farm?
(a) It is full of hay.
(b) It is the site of a wedding ceremony.
(c) It is burnt to the ground.
(d) It is the new home.

2. By 5:00 on the night of the arrival at the farm, what is the best description of the old house?
(a) It is empty.
(b) It is torn down.
(c) It is the same as it was that morning.
(d) It is messy.

3. What explanation does Mother give Father as to why she moved them into the new barn?
(a) Nanny won't get married if they stay in the old house.
(b) The minister told her it was okay to go against his wishes.
(c) They have just as much right to live there as the animals do.
(d) The move will just be temporary.

4. Based on the statement Mother makes after Father leaves, what does Mother believe she has in his absence?
(a) The obedience of her children.
(b) An unsolicited opportunity.
(c) Children all to herself.
(d) An opportunity to not have to answer to anyone.

5. On what day does Mother receive her visit?
(a) Friday.
(b) Wednesday.
(c) Sunday.
(d) Monday.

6. How does Mother explain to her visitor how she received her answer about what actions to take?
(a) Prayed to the Lord and received her answer.
(b) Father approved of her decision before he left for his trip.
(c) Her friends counseled her to do it.
(d) Nanny told her to do it.

7. What does Father say about Mother's reaction to the house and barn?
(a) It is odd how Mother feels about old barn.
(b) It is odd how Mother feels about the new house.
(c) It is odd how Mother feels about the new barn.
(d) It is great how Mother feels about the new barn.

8. What is Father's plan for the new construction?
(a) To move the old house into the new barn.
(b) To move the cows into the new barn.
(c) To move the old house into the new house.
(d) To build the new house.

9. What direction does Father give about the arrival at the farm before he leaves for his trip?
(a) The eggs should be cooked before they go bad.
(b) The cows should be put in the new barn.
(c) The hay should go in the barn.
(d) Mother should start on a new dress for herself.

10. About what was the visitor astonished?
(a) Mother's lack of concern about what people think of her decision.
(b) Mother's superior ability to recite Scripture.
(c) How beautiful the new house looks.
(d) How small the new barn is.

11. Where do Mother and her visitor talk?
(a) In the new house.
(b) In the new barn.
(c) In the old house.
(d) In the doorway.

12. What interferes with Father's plan in Section 3?
(a) He has to go away for the morning.
(b) He has to go away for the afternoon.
(c) He has to go out of town unexpectedly.
(d) He has to go away for an hour.

13. What is Father's reaction when he first arrives on the farm?
(a) Anger.
(b) Laughter.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Happiness.

14. There is an underlying attitude that the author provides as Father gives the directions for while he is away on his trip. What is that underlying attitude?
(a) Embarrassed about being remorseful.
(b) Fine being apologetic.
(c) Pretending to be apologetic.
(d) Fighting being apologetic.

15. What does Mother command Father do once she has explained the move to him?
(a) Get his friends off of the road by the barn.
(b) Get cleaned up and they will have dinner.
(c) Take a walk to clear his head.
(d) Talk to the minister.

Short Answer Questions

1. Describe the harness room of the new barn as it is in Section 4.

2. What is the state of Mother's mind after Father leaves the farm?

3. As Mother reacts to the arrival at the farm, who is watching her?

4. By the day after the arrival at the farm, what information do the townspeople know?

5. Who watches Father as he embarks on his trip?

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