The Revolt of 'Mother' Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. "The Revolt of 'Mother'" is Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman's most wel- known short story. Explain why this short story is so well known.

"The Revolt of 'Mother'" is an unusual story because in it, the main character, a female, defies social convention. She makes a decision that goes against what everyone in her culture would have done during that time.

2. "The Revolt of 'Mother'" is typical of Freeman's stories in what specific way?

"The Revolt of 'Mother'" has Freeman's characteristic plot surrounding women and their relationships with their husbands and children.

3. Does the author let the reader know whether the main character's decision coincides with her own morality? Explain.

The reader knows that even though the main character makes a decision that defies social convention, the main character is also going against what she considers morally right.

4. What does the introduction do for the reader?

The introduction let the reader know what is to come in the story. The reader knows from the introduction that there will be conflict in the story between the main character and her children and husband.

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