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• "The Revolt of 'Mother'" is Freeman's best known short story.

• "The Revolt of 'Mother'" is unusual for Freeman's writing style because the main character challenges social convention.

• The main character challenges social convention to meet her own need.

• "The Revolt of 'Mother'" is characteristic of Freeman's writing style because it focuses on a woman's relationships with her family.

• The introduction gives the reader insight in to what is to come during the story.

• The story takes place in the mid-1800s.

Section 1

• Mother (Sarah) watches men dig in the field on her family's farm.

• Mother asks her husband (Adonriam) why the men are digging.

• Father tells Mother to focus on her own work.

• Mother refuses to go away until Father tells her the reason for the digging.

• Father finally tells Mother that the men are digging the cellar for a new barn.

• Mother is extremely angry at...

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