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Map of England

Draw a map of England, but make the biggest, most visually important parts the important settings of the novel. Draw images or use pictures from magazines or the Internet to represent the important settings, and write a short description of each setting.

Make a Doll for a Character

In the novel, Merivel makes a doll for Katherine. Choose a character that you would like to give a doll to, and make a doll that sends a message to that character. Decorate and label your doll to show your message.

Gift to Merivel for Influence

In the novel, Finn gives Merivel a bird in a cage, as a gift in payment of using Merivel's influence to help him get a position in the King's Court. Imagine that you, too, are an acquaintance of Merivel and want a position in the King's court. Create your own "valuable...

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