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Robert Merivel

This self-described erratic, immoderate, greedy, boastful, and sad character ends up with half a medical education and earns a living as a surgeon and physician, although without impressive knowledge and abilities. This rather unattractive, overweight, unkempt, baby-faced person loves to feel woodwork and loves astronomy. Addicted to sex, this character is naive and emotionally unpredictable, loving and respecting the wrong people. Despite failure in most of the story, the character is wise in business, willing to take risks, and has potential in many endeavors.

The King of England, Charles II

This ruler restores the Stuart family to power in 1660 after the Stuarts are excluded from rule during the rule of Mary Queen of Scots and her son, James VI. A wise and perceptive person who was the former ruler of Scotland, defeated in battle by England, this character was exiled and hunted as a murderer, developing...

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