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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Frazer suggest that the government plant in Queensland?
(a) Tobacco
(b) European plants
(c) Native orchards
(d) Crops

2. What does Janet believe happens to her on the night depicted in this chapter?
(a) She develops respect for her father.
(b) She becomes an adult.
(c) She realizes the evil of men.
(d) She sees Gemmy as her brother.

3. Why does Lachlan stop protecting Gemmy?
(a) Gemmy moves to Mrs. Hutchence's home.
(b) He begins to dislike Gemmy.
(c) He sees Gemmy can protect himself.
(d) He wants to fit in with the other children.

4. What event causes Jock to stop visiting his neighbors?
(a) Three of his wife's geese are killed
(b) Gemmy becomes upset
(c) The settlers criticize Gemmy
(d) Three of his wife's chickens are killed

5. What happens when Gemmy wakens from his nightmare?
(a) He realizes he is somewhere else.
(b) He realizes that it was only a dream.
(c) He realizes what he dreamed is actually happening.
(d) He realizes it was a premonition.

6. What does Mr. Frazer begin writing about in this chapter?
(a) The use of native plants rather than importing items from Europe
(b) Botany
(c) The attack on Gemmy
(d) Gemmy's history

7. What is Sir George's role in Queensland?
(a) To remove the native population
(b) To make the country into a self-governing state
(c) To help settlers begin their farms
(d) To ensure that England's interests are protected

8. Who is George Abbot thinking of when Gemmy arrives at the schoolhouse?
(a) His godfather
(b) Mr. Frazer
(c) Leona
(d) Gemmy

9. When do the events in this chapter take place?
(a) 15 years after Gemmy left the settlement
(b) 50 years after Gemmy left the settlement
(c) 5 months after Gemmy left the settlement
(d) 5 years after Gemmy left the settlement

10. How does Mrs. Hutchence remove the bees from Janet when they swarm her?
(a) She catches them in a net.
(b) She swats at them.
(c) She smokes them.
(d) She sprays them with bee killer.

11. What does Mrs. Hutchence give Gemmy that sparks memories of his childhood?
(a) A chest
(b) Clothing
(c) A bed
(d) A stone

12. Who does Gemmy start dreaming about in this chapter?
(a) Lachlan
(b) Willett
(c) The natives
(d) Mosey and the Irish

13. What surprises Mr. Frazer about Brisbane?
(a) It is very remote.
(b) It is uncivilized.
(c) It is busy and dirty.
(d) It is remarkably small.

14. What becomes Janet's lifelong passion and hobby?
(a) Beekeeping
(b) Botany
(c) Gardening
(d) Drawing

15. Who does Mr. Frazer attempt to tell Sir George about?
(a) George Abbot
(b) The McIvors
(c) The aborigines
(d) Gemmy

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mr. Frazer go to Brisbane to meet with?

2. How does Janet feel when the swarm of bees surrounds her unprotected body one day?

3. Which two characters meet in this chapter?

4. Which of the McIvor children stands outside with Ellen as she waits for Jock to return?

5. Why does Lachlan not find out about the attack on Gemmy until the next day?

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