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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Janet live in this chapter?
(a) In a convent
(b) In the old settlement
(c) In Mrs. Hutchence's old home
(d) In Brisbane

2. What is Sir George's role in Queensland?
(a) To help settlers begin their farms
(b) To make the country into a self-governing state
(c) To ensure that England's interests are protected
(d) To remove the native population

3. How did Willett treat Gemmy when he lived with him?
(a) He was abusive towards Gemmy.
(b) He was loving towards Gemmy.
(c) He treated Gemmy like a son.
(d) He ignored and neglected Gemmy.

4. Who is the only child at the settlement whom Lachlan becomes close with?
(a) Jed
(b) Janet
(c) Hector
(d) Jeff

5. What is Sir George's response to Mr. Frazer's plan?
(a) He views it as a threat.
(b) He eagerly embraces it.
(c) He expresses interest in it.
(d) He dismisses it.

6. What event causes Jock to stop visiting his neighbors?
(a) Three of his wife's chickens are killed
(b) The settlers criticize Gemmy
(c) Three of his wife's geese are killed
(d) Gemmy becomes upset

7. What surprises Mr. Frazer about Brisbane?
(a) It is very remote.
(b) It is remarkably small.
(c) It is uncivilized.
(d) It is busy and dirty.

8. What does Gemmy believe will happen if a person ignores someone who only wants attention?
(a) He will get the attention he wants.
(b) He will become invisible.
(c) He will go away.
(d) He will no longer want attention.

9. What does Gemmy hope to get from George Abbot?
(a) His clothes
(b) Books
(c) His papers
(d) His stone

10. Where does Jock sleep after the attack on Gemmy?
(a) On the front porch of the hut
(b) He does not sleep
(c) In Gemmy's lean-to
(d) In his bed

11. Who assists Gemmy in finding a new home after he is attacked?
(a) Jock
(b) Mr. Frazer
(c) Mrs. Hutchence
(d) Mrs. Frazer

12. How does Jock feel about the strange occurrences around his farm?
(a) He feels vindicated.
(b) He feels angry and violent.
(c) He feels confused.
(d) He feels hurt and betrayed.

13. Why is Jock relieved when the mob disperses?
(a) He does not want the neighbors to be upset with him.
(b) He is glad Gemmy is unharmed.
(c) He would have had to kill one of them if he saw them.
(d) He does not have to see who attacked Gemmy.

14. Why does Lachlan stop protecting Gemmy?
(a) He wants to fit in with the other children.
(b) He sees Gemmy can protect himself.
(c) He begins to dislike Gemmy.
(d) Gemmy moves to Mrs. Hutchence's home.

15. What is the only name that George Abbot recognizes in Gemmy's description of what he wants from the teacher?
(a) Willett
(b) Leona
(c) Lachlan
(d) Jock

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Willett's profession?

2. Where has Mr. Frazer taken Gemmy's papers?

3. What does Lachlan find at the site where the "dispersal" supposedly took place?

4. What does Mr. Frazer want to do as a result of his botany work?

5. Who does Mr. Frazer credit with his expanded interest in botany?

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