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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gemmy do with "his papers"?
(a) He puts them in the swamp.
(b) He takes them to Mrs. Hutchence.
(c) He buries them in the ground.
(d) He lets the rain wash the ink off of them.

2. Who is the only child at the settlement whom Lachlan becomes close with?
(a) Jeff
(b) Jed
(c) Hector
(d) Janet

3. What becomes Janet's lifelong passion and hobby?
(a) Drawing
(b) Beekeeping
(c) Botany
(d) Gardening

4. What does the mob do when Jock approaches them near the creek?
(a) They run away.
(b) They yell at him to step away.
(c) They begin beating Gemmy.
(d) They attack him.

5. How does Jock feel about the strange occurrences around his farm?
(a) He feels angry and violent.
(b) He feels confused.
(c) He feels hurt and betrayed.
(d) He feels vindicated.

6. Who does Gemmy move in with after he is attacked?
(a) Mr. & Mrs. Frazer
(b) The McIvors
(c) George Abbot
(d) Mrs. Hutchence

7. Who does Lachlan talk to when trying to locate Gemmy?
(a) Mrs. Hutchence and Leona
(b) The natives
(c) The settlers
(d) George Abbot

8. Why does Lachlan not find out about the attack on Gemmy until the next day?
(a) His classmates are afraid to tell him about the incident.
(b) The McIvors want to protect him.
(c) He slept through the incident.
(d) He was out with friends when it happened.

9. What does Lachlan find at the site where the "dispersal" supposedly took place?
(a) An aborigine settlement
(b) Bones that appear to have belonged to children
(c) Aborigines
(d) Gemmy's papers

10. Who does Mr. Frazer credit with his expanded interest in botany?
(a) Gemmy
(b) George Abbot
(c) Jock McIvor
(d) The aborigines

11. How does Gemmy react to the attack on the geese?
(a) He becomes enraged.
(b) He becomes more vocal.
(c) He becomes violent.
(d) He becomes withdrawn.

12. What does Gemmy believe will happen if a person ignores someone who only wants attention?
(a) He will become invisible.
(b) He will go away.
(c) He will no longer want attention.
(d) He will get the attention he wants.

13. Who is George Abbot thinking of when Gemmy arrives at the schoolhouse?
(a) Leona
(b) Mr. Frazer
(c) Gemmy
(d) His godfather

14. How did Willett treat Gemmy when he lived with him?
(a) He was loving towards Gemmy.
(b) He ignored and neglected Gemmy.
(c) He was abusive towards Gemmy.
(d) He treated Gemmy like a son.

15. Why is Jock relieved when the mob disperses?
(a) He does not have to see who attacked Gemmy.
(b) He would have had to kill one of them if he saw them.
(c) He is glad Gemmy is unharmed.
(d) He does not want the neighbors to be upset with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Hutchence remove the bees from Janet when they swarm her?

2. What strikes Janet most about Mrs. Hutchence's demeanor when working with the bees?

3. What event causes Jock to stop visiting his neighbors?

4. How does Janet feel when the swarm of bees surrounds her unprotected body one day?

5. What does Mr. Frazer begin writing about in this chapter?

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