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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jock feel about having to confront the person who damaged his fence?
(a) Confused
(b) Terrified
(c) Angry
(d) Ambivalent

2. What happens when Gemmy wakens from his nightmare?
(a) He realizes what he dreamed is actually happening.
(b) He realizes he is somewhere else.
(c) He realizes it was a premonition.
(d) He realizes that it was only a dream.

3. What is the only name that George Abbot recognizes in Gemmy's description of what he wants from the teacher?
(a) Leona
(b) Willett
(c) Jock
(d) Lachlan

4. What does George give Gemmy instead of his papers?
(a) Blank paper
(b) Homework papers
(c) A book
(d) Letters from Leona

5. Who does Mr. Frazer credit with his expanded interest in botany?
(a) George Abbot
(b) The aborigines
(c) Gemmy
(d) Jock McIvor

6. Who does Gemmy move in with after he is attacked?
(a) Mrs. Hutchence
(b) The McIvors
(c) Mr. & Mrs. Frazer
(d) George Abbot

7. Which of the McIvors helps Mrs. Hutchence with her hobby?
(a) Meg
(b) Janet
(c) Ellen
(d) Lachlan

8. How does Gemmy feel after receiving the gift from the aborigines?
(a) Confused and upset
(b) Refreshed and strengthened
(c) Agitated and angry
(d) Excited and anxious

9. What does Gemmy believe will happen if a person ignores someone who only wants attention?
(a) He will get the attention he wants.
(b) He will become invisible.
(c) He will go away.
(d) He will no longer want attention.

10. What is Sir George's response to Mr. Frazer's plan?
(a) He eagerly embraces it.
(b) He dismisses it.
(c) He expresses interest in it.
(d) He views it as a threat.

11. How does Gemmy react to the attack on the geese?
(a) He becomes more vocal.
(b) He becomes violent.
(c) He becomes withdrawn.
(d) He becomes enraged.

12. Where does Jock sleep after the attack on Gemmy?
(a) In his bed
(b) On the front porch of the hut
(c) He does not sleep
(d) In Gemmy's lean-to

13. Who does Lachlan talk to when trying to locate Gemmy?
(a) The settlers
(b) George Abbot
(c) Mrs. Hutchence and Leona
(d) The natives

14. Who does Gemmy start dreaming about in this chapter?
(a) Willett
(b) Lachlan
(c) Mosey and the Irish
(d) The natives

15. What is Mrs. Hutchence's hobby?
(a) Birdwatching
(b) Baking
(c) Beekeeping
(d) Gardening

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the natives give Gemmy when they visited him?

2. What does Gemmy do with "his papers"?

3. Which of the McIvor children stands outside with Ellen as she waits for Jock to return?

4. What surprises Mr. Frazer about Brisbane?

5. Where does Janet live in this chapter?

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