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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Janet feel when the swarm of bees surrounds her unprotected body one day?
(a) Anxious
(b) Scared
(c) Calm
(d) Confused

2. What is Sir George's response to Mr. Frazer's plan?
(a) He dismisses it.
(b) He views it as a threat.
(c) He eagerly embraces it.
(d) He expresses interest in it.

3. Who rescues Gemmy from the mob?
(a) Mr. Frazer
(b) The natives
(c) Lachlan
(d) Jock

4. What did the natives give Gemmy when they visited him?
(a) Soil and water
(b) A weapon
(c) Sand
(d) A stone

5. How does Jock feel about having to confront the person who damaged his fence?
(a) Angry
(b) Confused
(c) Terrified
(d) Ambivalent

6. What does Mr. Frazer want to do as a result of his botany work?
(a) Preserve the native ecology
(b) Become a professional botanist
(c) Return to England
(d) Move into the woods with the aborigines

7. What does the mob do when Jock approaches them near the creek?
(a) They attack him.
(b) They yell at him to step away.
(c) They begin beating Gemmy.
(d) They run away.

8. Who does Mr. Frazer attempt to tell Sir George about?
(a) The McIvors
(b) George Abbot
(c) The aborigines
(d) Gemmy

9. What impresses Gemmy about Mr. Frazer?
(a) His relationship with the settlers
(b) His commitment to the land
(c) His kindness towards Gemmy
(d) His drawing skills

10. When do the events in this chapter take place?
(a) 15 years after Gemmy left the settlement
(b) 50 years after Gemmy left the settlement
(c) 5 years after Gemmy left the settlement
(d) 5 months after Gemmy left the settlement

11. Which two characters meet in this chapter?
(a) Lachlan and Gemmy
(b) Janet and Gemmy
(c) Lachlan, Gemmy and Janet
(d) Janet and Lachlan

12. Which of the McIvors is most enraged by the incident with the geese?
(a) Jock
(b) Janet
(c) Lachlan
(d) Ellen

13. How long did Gemmy remain at sea?
(a) Two days
(b) Two months
(c) Two years
(d) Two decades

14. What does Gemmy do with "his papers"?
(a) He takes them to Mrs. Hutchence.
(b) He lets the rain wash the ink off of them.
(c) He buries them in the ground.
(d) He puts them in the swamp.

15. What role does Lachlan initially take with Gemmy?
(a) He acts as his enemy.
(b) He acts as his protector.
(c) He acts as his brother.
(d) He acts as his teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strikes Janet most about Mrs. Hutchence's demeanor when working with the bees?

2. What happens when Gemmy wakens from his nightmare?

3. Who does Mr. Frazer credit with his expanded interest in botany?

4. Why does Lachlan stop protecting Gemmy?

5. What is the only name that George Abbot recognizes in Gemmy's description of what he wants from the teacher?

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