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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gemmy feel weak after Mr. Frazer takes his statement?
(a) He believes the writing is magic.
(b) He has struggled to speak English again.
(c) He was beaten by Frazer.
(d) He has been awake for many hours.

2. Who do the settlers worry is visiting secretly Gemmy?
(a) Lachlan
(b) The natives
(c) Mr. Frazer
(d) The children

3. How did Gemmy come to be on Queensland?
(a) He was born there.
(b) He was a part of another settlement.
(c) He was thrown off of a ship.
(d) He was sent there as a prisoner.

4. When does Ellen become fearful of Gemmy?
(a) All the time
(b) At night
(c) When he speaks
(d) When he disappears

5. Why does Ellen become kinder to Gemmy in this chapter?
(a) She believes he has suffered enough.
(b) She believes his presence has brought her and Jock closer together.
(c) She wants to protect him from the settlers.
(d) She realizes that he is mentally challenged.

6. What happens to Jock and Ellen's marriage as a result of their conflict with their fellow settlers?
(a) They consider separating.
(b) They become closer to each other.
(c) They become more isolated from each other.
(d) They become angry and depressed.

7. What does Jock begin appreciating about Ellen in this chapter?
(a) Her intelligence
(b) The things she does for their family
(c) Her beauty
(d) The things she does for Gemmy

8. What does Mr. Frazer do that amuses Gemmy?
(a) He eats sour native fruits.
(b) He draws amusing pictures of the native plants.
(c) He attempts to speak the native language.
(d) He attempts to understand native plants.

9. What does Abbot notice about Lachlan?
(a) He is highly intelligent and motivated.
(b) He is intelligent, but lazy.
(c) He is an arrogant child.
(d) He is apathetic and disinterested.

10. Which of Jock's neighbors is concerned about having a "white black man" living near him?
(a) Ned Corcoran
(b) Mr. Frazer
(c) George Abbot
(d) Barney Mason

11. What prevents Gemmy from helping Jock around the farm?
(a) He is too young.
(b) He cannot speak English.
(c) He is easily confused.
(d) He is too physically weak.

12. Who is Andy most eager to tell of Gemmy's visitors?
(a) Jim Sweetman
(b) Ned
(c) Barney
(d) Jock

13. Where had all of the McIvors worked while in Scotland?
(a) In a factory
(b) In the family store
(c) In the fields as farmers
(d) In the mines

14. Why does Jock become disgusted when his neighbors tell him about Gemmy's visit with the natives?
(a) They blame him for the visit
(b) They tell him lies about Gemmy
(c) They use racial slurs to refer to Gemmy
(d) Their tone is accusatory

15. Who does George Abbot forbid from attending school?
(a) Lachlan
(b) Gemmy
(c) Ned Corcoran
(d) Girls

Short Answer Questions

1. How was George treated as a child?

2. What job does George Abbot hold?

3. What do the children think the figure is when they first see it?

4. Which of Jock's neighbors delights in the scrutiny of the settlers about Gemmy's presence in the McIvor home?

5. What does Lachlan do that makes Janet feel insulted?

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