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Comet River

This setting is a reference to the largest massacre of whites in Australian history. It happened in an area called Springsure, near this setting in 1861. Nineteen people were killed by Kairi warriors in a brutal, sudden attack. It must be noted that whites were routinely killing Aborigines at the time and this was rumored to have been a reprisal.


This is the slang term for native Australian black, or Aborigine, as they came to be called.


This is study of plants and Mr. Frazer's passion.

The Bush

This is the Australian slang for a very remote area.


This setting is the nearest town to the settlement in the novel (twelve miles) and is located on the northeastern coast of Queensland.


This setting is the capital city of Queensland and is approximately 600 miles from Bowen.


This setting is an Australian state (roughly...

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