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Author Study

Have students research David Malouf. Ask them to create a depiction (in words or pictures) of the author, especially the aspects of his life that seem to "fit" with the novel.

Character Collage

Pick a character from Remembering Babylon and create a collage representing his/her personality. Use magazines and artwork to create your collage. Be sure to select pictures and text that clearly demonstrate the character's traits as presented in the novel. Your collage should be no smaller than a piece of notebook paper (8 1/2" x 11") and no larger than a piece of poster board.

Historical Research

The setting of Remembering Babylon (developing Australia) provides insight into a different culture. Have students research the settlement of Australia./Queensland. Have them present their findings to the class using multimedia presentations.

Story from Another Point of View

Because the majority of the novel is written from a detached...

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