Remembering Babylon Character Descriptions

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Gemmy Fairley

This character lived in a very abusive environment as a small child, under the control of a man named Willett. Eventually the character escaped, only to end up on an oceangoing ship by mistake. The character was thrown overboard off the coast of Australia and was taken in by natives who found him/her on the beach. After living with them for many years and nearly forgetting his earlier life, the character returned to live with white settlers. This character was tormented by the trauma in life, but was extremely perceptive and learned to see through others' attempts at exploitation.

Lachlan Beattie

This character was born in Scotland, but came to Australia to join the McIvors when his/her father died. This character's arrogant attitude caused rifts between the character and Janet. The character acted as if s/he did not like learning new things and...

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