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Short Answer Questions

1. What time is the drainage sequence scheduled for initiation?

2. What is the name of the Museum scientist who disappeared in the Amazon ten years earlier?

3. What disturbs Margo about the events taking place in the gun locker with Pendergast, Mephisto, and D'Agosta?

4. The man Hayward rescued in the tunnels is whose son?

5. What does Margo try to outrun in Chapter 53?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the true reason Kawakita was synthesizing Vitamin D? Do you believe he saw his own end coming and knew what he must do, or do you think it was simply an instinctive move?

2. What is a seemingly positive side effect of the reovirus infection? What might this mean to future testing?

3. What do you think are Pendergast's true intentions in bringing Mephisto along on the mission to the Crystal Palace?

4. What does Margo discover in the remains of the laboratory that puts her in a momentary stupor? What does this discovery mean overall?

5. Why are the police so eager to get the matter concluded hastily without taking the time to analyze all possibilities first?

6. What are the side effects of "glaze"? What might such side effects do to a person's psyche?

7. What is Margo's theory about what happened to Whittlesey? Examining her scientific approach outlined in the book, do you see any flaws in her theory? Is there another reasonable explanation?

8. Do you think Waxie was too hasty in naming Jeffery as the serial killer? What reason might Waxie have for such a hasty conclusion?

9. What purpose does the scene with the Navy SEALs have?

10. What do you think the symbols Pendergast discovered, which translate to a description of a Japanese tea room, mean to the creatures?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author incorporates extensive use of similes and metaphors to "illustrate" this novel. For example, he states that, "The Reservoir itself was a sheet of beaten gold in the sunset." Can you think of any other examples cited in the text? What does the use of similes and metaphors add to the story?

Essay Topic 2

Margo, Pendergast, and D'Agosta discovered the Mbwun lily growing in the Reservoir. Their fear is suddenly magnified by this discovery. What causes their fear? What do they believe will happen, and how do they think this event will come to fruition?

Essay Topic 3

Review Margo's theory of infection and how the reovirus affects its host once ingested. What seems plausible about her theory, as it applies to Mbwun and the characters like it? What seems implausible? Can you think of an alternate theory?

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