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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the hormone that turns a caterpillar into a butterfly?

2. What building do Waxie and Duffy enter before initiating the drainage sequence?

3. In Chapter 51, where does Mephisto say he was wounded?

4. What is thrown at the officers in Chapter 46?

5. Where is it believed that Kawakita's test subjects now live?

Short Essay Questions

1. Of what is the subway massacre the first definitive indication? What does this mean to the investigation?

2. How does Pendergast use his shocking albinism to "blend in" with the outcasts of society in the tunnels? What other methods does he employ, and how is he successful?

3. What does the Navy SEALs involvement tell you about the seriousness of the matter?

4. Pendergast seems uninterested in the "patterns" revealed by the data comparisons done by computer. There is one that interests him, however. What is that pattern and how might it prove useful to the investigation?

5. What do Margo's lab findings on the reovirus seem to indicate? How do these findings translate to the infection of humans?

6. What does Margo discover in the remains of the laboratory that puts her in a momentary stupor? What does this discovery mean overall?

7. Why do you think the creatures abduct the group determined to destroy them instead of killing them like they have everyone else?

8. Why does Pendergast make a second trip into the tunnels?

9. Why might the huge amount of firepower carried by D'Agosta, Pendergast, and Mephisto be ineffective against the creatures?

10. What is a seemingly positive side effect of the reovirus infection? What might this mean to future testing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The officers leading this investigation seems simple, weak, demanding and lazy. What point do you think the author was trying to bring across with such characters? Is he making a statement on police leaders in general, or do you think he is trying to make his other characters seem stronger?

Essay Topic 2

The end of the book is not truly an end. Though the reader gives some hint of resolution, there are still open questions. Why do you think the author did this?

Essay Topic 3

Mrs. Wisher is distraught at the brutal murder of her daughter. She feels frustrated by the lack of information coming out of One Police Center, feeling that she should give the benefit of the doubt with the details of her daughter's death. What steps does Mrs. Wisher take to counteract this feeling of helplessness, and how do her actions affect the storyline ?

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