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Short Answer Questions

1. What confidential piece of information does Smithback reveal to Margo that he knows about the two bodies from the river?

2. How many homeless people have allegedly been murdered in the tunnels in the last four months?

3. What is the name of the theory presented by Dr. Frock?

4. Where does Smithbeck's informant ask to meet him?

5. What does Pendergast say is the largest inhabited region on earth that remains unmapped?

Short Essay Questions

1. Waxie is a misogynist. What does his presence add to the story, and how does that contribute to the overall storyline?

2. To what does Dr. Frock attribute the Mbwun's existence and its unlikely appearance in New York?

3. Why are the homeless referred to as "moles"?

4. Brambell and Frock are men of extraordinary intelligence. Why do you think their personalities clash?

5. How might Margo's expertise in ethnopharmacology be an example of foreshadowing?

6. What is Brambell's theory about what animal is responsible for the teeth marks on Pamela Wisher's bones? How does this change the direction of the investigation?

7. Why do you think people of so many disciplines are called in to examine the two skeletons found in the river?

8. What is the basic precept of Frock's theory of fractal evolution? How would it apply to the events taking place in the story?

9. Do you think Chief Horlocker's decision to make sure that the case is given priority because a debutante is based upon social standing, given that homeless men and women have died in the same way for weeks? Why or why not?

10. Why does Hayward say the tunnels are dangerous? Cite examples from the text.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Wisher is distraught at the brutal murder of her daughter. She feels frustrated by the lack of information coming out of One Police Center, feeling that she should give the benefit of the doubt with the details of her daughter's death. What steps does Mrs. Wisher take to counteract this feeling of helplessness, and how do her actions affect the storyline ?

Essay Topic 2

Greg Kawakita is a key part of the reason the city is being overrun with murders. He is long gone, but his legacy of madness lives on in those he "infected" with the drug, glaze. How do you think Kawakita rationalized giving the drug to others when he already knew it was what created the Mwbun? How do you think he rationalized taking it himself?

Essay Topic 3

Review the symbolism involved in the hut of skulls. What does this represent to the Wrinklers? What does it represent to outsiders? What does it represent to the shaman? How does the hut play into the Wrinklers' ceremony? Cite examples from the text to support your explanation.

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