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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the head of the NYPD's Tactical Response Unit?
(a) Masters.
(b) Hausmann.
(c) Horlocker.
(d) Milner.

2. Why is it believed the creatures live in the deepest recesses of the tunnel?
(a) They feel at home underground.
(b) The stifling atmosphere reminds them of the Amazon.
(c) They shun light.
(d) All of the answers are incorrect.

3. What disturbs Margo about the events taking place in the gun locker with Pendergast, Mephisto, and D'Agosta?
(a) D'Agosta seems frightened by what is approaching.
(b) Pendergast is too eager to begin fighting.
(c) She isn't given any gear.
(d) Mephisto is handed a gun.

4. What did Margo discover Greg's lab setup was for?
(a) Synthesizing vitamin D.
(b) Creating a new, potent psychotropic drug.
(c) Curing cancer.
(d) Creating methamphetamine.

5. The hut Pendergast observes consists of what building material?
(a) Human skulls.
(b) Stucco.
(c) An unidentifiable gemstone.
(d) Timbers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What weapon is given to Smithback as the group proceeds to set the charges in the Bottleneck?

2. What does Margo believe is necessary to release the drug into the ecosystem?

3. What is the closest substitute for the plant hormones that the Mbwun craves?

4. What does the survivor of the subway massacre say about the attackers' features?

5. On what was the Mbwun plant derivative tested?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pendergast find in the Crystal Pavilion that causes him alarm? Why do you think these things scare him?

2. What is the overwhelming feeling you get from the unnamed character in Chapter 34? Does he seem like every megalomaniac created in literature, or is there something different about him?

3. What purpose might hallucinogenic mushrooms serve in the ceremony that Kawakita established?

4. Of what is the subway massacre the first definitive indication? What does this mean to the investigation?

5. What do you think are Pendergast's true intentions in leaving Margo behind when he, Mephisto, and D'Agosta try to destroy the Wrinklers?

6. Why are the police so eager to get the matter concluded hastily without taking the time to analyze all possibilities first?

7. What does Mephisto's letter given to Margo for delivery tell you about Mephisto?

8. What do Margo's lab findings on the reovirus seem to indicate? How do these findings translate to the infection of humans?

9. How does Pendergast use his shocking albinism to "blend in" with the outcasts of society in the tunnels? What other methods does he employ, and how is he successful?

10. What is Margo's theory about what happened to Whittlesey? Examining her scientific approach outlined in the book, do you see any flaws in her theory? Is there another reasonable explanation?

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