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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 18 through 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is D'Agosta's theory about the murders in Chapter 20?
(a) That a cult might be committing the murders.
(b) That the murders are the work of a serial killer.
(c) That the deaths aren't linked at all.
(d) That the murders are definitely attributable to the homeless population.

2. What nickname has Smitback given to Margo in Chapter 15?
(a) Sweet Pea.
(b) Darling.
(c) Lotus Blossom.
(d) Rose Petal.

3. What question does Pendergast ask D'Agosta when they see the squatters' fire in the tunnel?
(a) "You want the ones on the left or the ones on the right?"
(b) "How many fingers do you see?"
(c) "Shall we retire to the drawing room?"
(d) "Could this be the break we're looking for?"

4. What is the translation given in the book of the phrase "Cui ci sono dei monstri"?
(a) Save me from the monsters.
(b) There are always monsters.
(c) Here there be monsters.
(d) Believe in monsters.

5. What is blastomycosis?
(a) An explosion of broken glass.
(b) A rare cancer.
(c) A stage in the growth of a zygote.
(d) A fungal infection.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the administrator of the Physical Anthropology lab?

2. Why is Nick Bitterman going to Belveder Castle?

3. What was the Tower modeled after?

4. What were the killings called that Dr. Frock and Margo solved in the prequel to "Reliquary"?

5. What was the conclusion made by the medical examiner after examining the teeth marks on the bones of the victims?

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