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This item is a shrine or coffer for displaying an object, bone or body part from a saint.

The Cloaca Maxima

This is the name of a waterway.

Route 666 Community

This is an underground force led by the man who calls himself Mephisto.

The Physical Anthropology Lab

This place is where Margo goes to retrieve the skeletons for Dr. Frock.

Palyhymnia Club

This place is where Smithback is when asked about the bodies being moved.


This is the formal name of the beast responsible for the first museum murders.

Linnaeus Hall

This place is the multi-media room in the Museum.

The Drake

This place is where Pendergast lives.

The Devil's Attic

This was originally known as Astor Tunnels.

Crystal Pavilion

This place is a waiting area located in the Astor Tunnel.


This is the name given to the creatures killing people.


This is the...

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