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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 6)


Chapters 1 through 6

Setting is defined as the general locale, historical time, and social circumstances in which the action of a fictional or dramatic work occurs. Setting can be a central or peripheral factor in the meaning of a work and, in many cases, it establishes time, place and atmosphere. It helps the reader gauge what he/she should be feeling at the moment of action. The purpose of this lesson is to examine the importance of the underground tunnel system to the setting of this novel.


1.) Group discussion: Split the class into three or four groups and have each group discuss the following: The tunnels are a vast underground city, what adjectives come to mind when you think about the living conditions of such a place? How does the author effectively use the tunnels as his setting?

2.) Class discussion: Focusing on the definition of setting...

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