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Play Acting

Invite some of your classmates to act out the scene in Chapter 6 when Smithback goes into the tunnels and meets with Mephisto. Create costumes for the characters as well.

Underground Map

Create a map of the underground tunnels. Put the maps on display for the class and talk about how students represent the tunnels differently. Compare them with the book.


Using whatever medium you prefer (pencil, paint, clay), create a representation of one of the creatures mentioned in the book. Put the art item on display for the class to see.

Tunnel Names

Imagine yourself as one of the inhabitants of the tunnels and a member of Route 666. Recall their nicknames: Fat Boy, Tail Gunner, Mephisto, Dark Annie. What nickname do you think you would have if you were one of the members of this strange crew? Why? Share the nicknames and reasoning with the...

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