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Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Wisher is distraught at the brutal murder of her daughter. She feels frustrated by the lack of information coming out of One Police Center, feeling that she should give the benefit of the doubt with the details of her daughter's death. What steps does Mrs. Wisher take to counteract this feeling of helplessness, and how do her actions affect the storyline ?

Essay Topic 2

Though Dr. Brambell and Dr. Frock disagree often, they do agree on one thing: the skeletons show obvious signs of teeth marks. Compare/contrast their first theories on the teeth marks in the bone, how they got there, and what type of animal might have left them. What do you think is the true source of their contention?

Essay Topic 3

Smithback is proud of the good he thinks he has done for the Pamela Wisher murder case. However, important people look at...

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