Reliquary Character Descriptions

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Margo Green

This character is the assistant curator of the New York Museum of Natural History.

Bill Smithback

This person is a reporter for the New York Post and covers the case of a brutal murder.

Dr. Frock

This character is the elderly scientist asked to work on the murder case.

Vincent D'Agosta

This character is a police lieutenant in charge of the scene.

Greg Kawakita

A scientist, this character leaves the museum months before this story begins.

Dr. Simon Brambell

This character is the New York City Medical Examiner.

Tail Gunner

This character acts as part of an underground gang known as the Route 666 Community.


The character acts as a leader of an underground community and says that he/she hasn't been near the surface in many years.

FBI Special Agent Pendergast

This self-confident character is really free to follow any case after the first case...

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