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Chapters 1 through 6

• The New York Police Scuba squad is entering the Cloaca Maxima waterway with its newest member, Snow.

• The group is searching for a large brick of heroin tossed from a bridge during a police shootout.

• Snow fails to find the heroin, but does encounter two skeletons, which he helps recover. Both skeletons are missing their heads.

• Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta becomes more interested in finding the heads since the heroin has already been recovered.

• Dr. Louie Padelsky is New York City's assistant medical examiner. He identifies the first body as Pamela Wisher, a local debutante. The second body presents a more compelling find.

• Dr. Padelsky contacts Margo Green, the assistant curator for the New York Museum of Natural History.

• Margo is contacted by D'Agosta, who requests her presence in the Forensic Anthropology Lab where she is met by NYC Medical Examiner, Dr. Simon Brambell and the museum...

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