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Short Answer Questions

1. What time does Jody usually come home from school?

2. When does Billy Buck first go into the ranch house every day?

3. How does Jody's mom feel about his dedication to the red pony?

4. Where are pigs prepared for slaughter and slaughtered on the ranch?

5. Who does Jess Taylor say he saw riding Easter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problem does Billy warn Jody about when it comes to Nellie giving birth?

2. While Jody's mother often finds his hands to be dirty, why doesn't she make him wash them?

3. How has Billy been able to gauge Jody's skill with horses?

4. What has Jody's mom told him about the mountains?

5. What has Billy Buck told Jody about the mountains?

6. What does Carl say to Gitano about what should happen to old things?

7. What is Grandfather's opinion of Billy?

8. How does Mrs. Tiflin request Carl treat her father once he arrives?

9. What has Billy told Carl about Jody's skill with horses?

10. When Chapter 3 opens, what does Jody imagine he is leading on his way home from school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foreshadowing is very much a part of _The Red Pony_. Choose three instances of foreshadowing from anywhere in the text and discuss what each instance will come to mean.

Essay Topic 2

There are several instances in _The Red Pony_ where Jody very deliberately conceals his actions from the adults of the novel. Pick one instance in each chapter where this occurs and discuss what it shows the reader about Jody's character (including how his character is maturing, if at all, as the novel progresses).

Essay Topic 3

Write an argument paper discussing who is responsible for Gabilan's death. Make sure to use quotations from the text to support your position.

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