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Short Answer Questions

1. After Gitano leaves the Tiflin ranch, what does Jody picture him doing?

2. Who does Jody first show his new pony to?

3. How many healthy horses do Gitano and Jody watch at the watering trough?

4. When Mrs. Tiflin talks about Gitano staying, what does Carl do?

5. What kind of shoes does Jody Tiflin wear in late summer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the first signs Jody sees in his pony that makes him think he is sick?

2. What is Grandfather's opinion of Billy?

3. What does Carl joke would be needed for Gitano to be put out to pasture?

4. What does Nellie let Jody do that is unusual, when Jody is taking her back from Jess's ranch?

5. Why does Jody hide the bird he kills when Chapter 2 opens?

6. While Jody's mother often finds his hands to be dirty, why doesn't she make him wash them?

7. Why can Jody relate to his Grandfather's hurt feelings when Carl cuts off his storytelling attempts?

8. What has Jody's mom told him about the mountains?

9. Why does the stallion break his rope when he sees and smells Nellie for the first time?

10. What lie does Jody tell when Carl asks him where he's been, when he's really been talking with Gitano late at night?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are several instances in _The Red Pony_ where Jody very deliberately conceals his actions from the adults of the novel. Pick one instance in each chapter where this occurs and discuss what it shows the reader about Jody's character (including how his character is maturing, if at all, as the novel progresses).

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the character of Gitano, making sure to address the following key points: 1) Why does Steinbeck include him in the story? 2) What function does he serve in the text? and 3) What do we learn about at least 2 other characters from their interaction(s) with Gitano?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the conclusion of the novel, making sure to discuss how Steinbeck concludes (or doesn't conclude) at least two themes of the novel and what he implies will happen to at least 2 characters in the future.

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