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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Carl get the pony from?

2. How does Jody prepare for riding his pony once it is ready?

3. How high is the corn when the novel first opens?

4. How does Jody's mom feel about his dedication to the red pony?

5. What kind of shoes does Jody Tiflin wear in late summer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What must Jody do to keep his pony?

2. What responsibility did Grandfather have as a leader during the crossing of the plains?

3. What features of Gabilan is Jody most proud of?

4. Why is Carl so mad when he first learns of Grandfather's plans to visit the Tiflins?

5. What is Grandfather's opinion of Billy?

6. What are the first signs Jody sees in his pony that makes him think he is sick?

7. What does Jody mean when he says his mouth "works"?

8. How long does Jody have to go to get to school?

9. What does Carl say to Gitano about what should happen to old things?

10. What has Carl told Jody about the mountains?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an argument paper discussing who is responsible for Gabilan's death. Make sure to use quotations from the text to support your position.

Essay Topic 2

Animals play a key role in many aspects of _The Red Pony_. Choose one animal, discuss its function in the novel as well as what this animal traditionally symbolizes or represents in the literary canon.

Essay Topic 3

Male characters' displays of emotion take quite a variety of forms throughout _The Red Pony_. Choose three specific instances of when one male character has shown (or not shown) emotion and what the reader learns about that character as a result of how they behave emotionally.

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