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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jody initially invite Gitano down to the barn?

2. For whom does Billy Buck work?

3. What color hair does Jody Tiflin have?

4. What is Billy Buck best known for?

5. How does Jody prepare for riding his pony once it is ready?

Short Essay Questions

1. What familiar story does Grandfather start to tell around the fire on his first night with the Tiflins?

2. Why does Carl ask Gitano if he has relatives anywhere nearby?

3. Why does Billy Buck not enter the kitchen before anyone else?

4. What does Nellie let Jody do that is unusual, when Jody is taking her back from Jess's ranch?

5. What makes the mountains seem less threatening to Jody?

6. What does Grandfather say about how dry it was in '87 and '61?

7. While Jody's mother often finds his hands to be dirty, why doesn't she make him wash them?

8. What does Carl joke would be needed for Gitano to be put out to pasture?

9. What does Jody mean when he says his mouth "works"?

10. How does Jody get Gabilan used to wearing a saddle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foreshadowing is very much a part of _The Red Pony_. Choose three instances of foreshadowing from anywhere in the text and discuss what each instance will come to mean.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the character of Gitano, making sure to address the following key points: 1) Why does Steinbeck include him in the story? 2) What function does he serve in the text? and 3) What do we learn about at least 2 other characters from their interaction(s) with Gitano?

Essay Topic 3

Was it fair for Billy Buck to continue to encourage Jody about his pony's health, even as the pony continued to get sicker and sicker? Present three reasons why this was or was not appropriate for Billy Buck to do, making sure to use quotations from the text to support your position.

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