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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What article of clothing does Carl pin something on of Jody's when he sets off with Nellie?
(a) Inside his sock.
(b) On his undershirt.
(c) On his shoe.
(d) Inside his overalls.

2. Why does Grandfather accept Jody's offer for a drink when they are sitting on the porch discussing "westering"?
(a) All of these answers are correct.
(b) Because he is thirsty.
(c) Because Jody offers him his favorite drink.
(d) Because he sees Jody's face and wants to be polite.

3. What does Jody do with his surprise-filled lunchbox when he returns home from school?
(a) He leaves it with his mother.
(b) He leaves it in the mailbox.
(c) He buries it under the porch.
(d) He hides it in his room.

4. How does the Tiflin family learn that Mrs. Tiflin's father will be coming to visit?
(a) By letter.
(b) Through word of mouth passed along by the neighbors.
(c) He just appears.
(d) By telegram.

5. How does Jody's grandfather arrive at the ranch?
(a) By cart and horse.
(b) By bus.
(c) By foot.
(d) By car.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jody wakes up crying in Chapter 3, what does his mother say to calm him down?

2. How is Jody picked up and put on a horse for safety?

3. What does Carl tell Grandfather in front of everyone about what Grandfather has overheard?

4. What does Mule-tale Buck do for a living?

5. Why does Billy tell Jody to go outside when Nellie is supposedly in labor?

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