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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carl tell Jody not to blame on Billy?
(a) The horse sickness that is going through the town.
(b) His bad grades at school.
(c) The death of his red pony.
(d) Their financial troubles.

2. What does Grandfather say has happened to his appetite for "westering"?
(a) It has disappeared.
(b) It just gets worse and worse everyday.
(c) It has become stronger with time.
(d) It has started to consume him.

3. What does Jody have to do when he comes home from school every day?
(a) He just gets to play like a normal kid.
(b) Milk the cows.
(c) His afternoon chores.
(d) His homework.

4. What animals are living under the haystack on the Tiflin ranch?
(a) Racoons.
(b) Mice.
(c) Cats.
(d) Skunks.

5. Who is Smasher?
(a) The name of the bull on the ranch.
(b) Jody -- it's his nickname.
(c) One of Jody's dogs.
(d) Jody's pet cat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What article of clothing does Carl pin something on of Jody's when he sets off with Nellie?

2. What item did Carl and Billy get to go with the pony?

3. How does Jody plan on getting rid of the animals that are living under the haystack on the Tiflin ranch?

4. What is the one thing Jody remembers his grandfather talking about?

5. Whose ranch has Jody been told to take Nellie to?

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