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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role does Mrs. Tiflin play in the horse's birth?
(a) None; she is sleeping.
(b) She helps comfort the newborn calf.
(c) She helps comfort Jody.
(d) She helps comfort Nellie.

2. How old is Jody when Chapter 2 concludes?
(a) 10.
(b) 17.
(c) 11.
(d) 14.

3. What does Jody decide to name the new colt?
(a) There is no colt for him to name.
(b) We never find out.
(c) He doesn't want to name something that has died.
(d) Jody, Jr.

4. What color skin does Gitano have?
(a) Dark.
(b) Light.
(c) Very freckly.
(d) It's hard to tell because he's been burned.

5. What does Carl tell Jody not to blame on Billy?
(a) His bad grades at school.
(b) The death of his red pony.
(c) The horse sickness that is going through the town.
(d) Their financial troubles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What article of clothing does Carl pin something on of Jody's when he sets off with Nellie?

2. What happens to Nellie while Jody is trying to take her somewhere?

3. Where does Carl suggest Gitano go after he leaves the Tiflin ranch?

4. What time does Jody usually come home from school?

5. What nickname does Jody give to his imaginary horse?

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