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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jody sleep while his pony is sick?
(a) With his mom and dad.
(b) With the pony.
(c) In Billy's quarters.
(d) In his own bed.

2. Who picks up Jody and puts him on a horse for safety?
(a) Mrs. Tiflin.
(b) Billy Buck.
(c) Carl.
(d) Jess Taylor.

3. How high is the corn when the novel first opens?
(a) Exactly even with Jody.
(b) Knee high.
(c) It hasn't sprouted yet.
(d) Over Jody's head.

4. Where is the infected lump located on the pony?
(a) Its chest.
(b) Its jaw.
(c) Its ear.
(d) Its leg.

5. Where does Jody spend most of his time during January?
(a) In the house, worrying.
(b) At school trying to distract himself.
(c) With his mother, just like a small child.
(d) With Nellie in her stall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Billy end up doing to Nellie?

2. What would Carl like to do with Easter?

3. How does Billy know there is a problem with Nellie's pregnancy?

4. How long does Billy say it takes for a colt to be born?

5. How do the cow-pumpkins look when the novel first opens?

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