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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time does Jody usually come home from school?
(a) Four o'clock.
(b) Noon (for lunch) and three o'clock.
(c) Six o'clock.
(d) After sunset, to be safe.

2. How does Jody get to school?
(a) He takes the school bus.
(b) Billy Buck usually lets him ride a horse.
(c) He walks.
(d) Carl drives him.

3. Where are pigs prepared for slaughter and slaughtered on the ranch?
(a) Beneath the cypress.
(b) Right near the kitchen so they can be cleaned easily.
(c) They aren't -- they are taken off property for this.
(d) In a special barn.

4. Where does Gitano claim to be born?
(a) In New Mexico.
(b) In the mountains.
(c) On the Tiflin ranch.
(d) On another planet.

5. Why has Jody been told to take Nellie to someone else's ranch?
(a) To see if any of the neighbors would want to buy her.
(b) He hasn't been told to take her anywhere.
(c) To see how much she would get at auction.
(d) To breed her.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Jody's pony gets sicker, what life-saving procedure must Billy do to keep it alive?

2. Where does Carl suggest Gitano go after he leaves the Tiflin ranch?

3. What is a common breakfast in the Tiflin household?

4. What does Jody do with his surprise-filled lunchbox when he returns home from school?

5. After Gitano leaves the Tiflin ranch, what does Jody picture him doing?

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