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Short Answer Questions

1. What do his co-workers accept about Dale Hawthorne since his son has died?

2. What does Jack become aware of about himself as he sits under the tree with Phoebe?

3. When Jack stops for lunch after driving the tractor in the fields all morning, where does he sit?

4. What finally ruins Jack's fantasy stories when he is driving the tractor in the field?

5. What does Jack find off of the cow path?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the scene in which Yegudkin opens the Alexander he has ordered for a student.

2. The narrator describes a soliloquy spoken by Jack's father at the Grange one night. How does Jack remember his father on that evening? Why does he recall this memory when he is angry?

3. What does Yegudkin say about the fact that he is now too deaf to play in an orchestra?

4. Later in the evening following their lunch, Jack comes to understand about why Phoebe is alarmed about his not saying grace before eating. What does he realize grace means to Phoebe?

5. How does the narrator describe the machinery Jack drives on the farm? Why is this image so powerful? How does it compare to the usual image associated with farm equipment?

6. Where is Arcady Yegudkin from? How does he get to America? What is his story?

7. Describe Jack's uncles. What do they do on the farm? What do they look like? How do they behave?

8. How does Jack react every time he relives the image of his brother David being crushed by the cultipacker?

9. How does Jack respond to Yegudkin's performance on the French horn? How is the performance described?

10. What does the reader realize when Yegudkin plays the French horn?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Of all the characters in the story, Betty Hawthorne has the most stability. Discuss her support system, and how her traditional role as a wife and mother help her cope with the death of her son.

Essay Topic 2

On the farm, Jack has two primary responsibilities: tending to the cows in the mornings and working the fields. Compare and contrast these two jobs in relation to how Jack responds to each one.

Essay Topic 3

As he is working on the tractor after his brother's death, Jack sees the field he is plowing and sees "stones lay everywhere, yellowed in the sunlight, a field of misshapen skulls." Discuss this image.

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