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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is working and helping to harvest the fields with Jack?

2. How old is Phoebe when we see her bringing lunch to her brother Jack?

3. How much time has passed between David's death and harvest time in the fields?

4. What is the kitchen like in Jack's house?

5. What do the men talk about while they are at the feed store?

Short Essay Questions

1. When he is driving the tractor, how does Jack's behavior mimic that of his father?

2. What do we know about Yegudkin's wife? What does she look like? What does she do?

3. Jack has a nightly routine upon entering the house. What is that routine? What seems different to him on this evening?

4. Describe the Hawthorne family farm that Jack works on a year and a half later. What has changed? What remains the same?

5. While crouching next to his father upon Dale Hawthorne's homecoming, Jack softly whispers something no one can hear. What does he say, and why does he softly whisper this so that it is inaudible?

6. The narrator describes a soliloquy spoken by Jack's father at the Grange one night. How does Jack remember his father on that evening? Why does he recall this memory when he is angry?

7. When describing Jack's routines in the early mornings, the author uses the word "sweet" more than once. What things are sweet about the mornings for Jack?

8. When Jack and Phoebe are having lunch and Jack does not want to say grace, he notices that Phoebe's eyes grow large with alarm. The narrator says, "and, though he did not know why, his heart gave a jump." Why does Jack's heart jump when he sees how frighted Phoebe is?

9. What conclusion does Jack come to about himself after realizing he does not love people as well as he should? How does he react to his own conclusions?

10. When Jack leaves his lesson with Yegudkin, where does he go?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As he is working on the tractor after his brother's death, Jack sees the field he is plowing and sees "stones lay everywhere, yellowed in the sunlight, a field of misshapen skulls." Discuss this image.

Essay Topic 2

Jack did not stop the tractor once it had begun dragging the cultipacker over his brother's body. In the second sentence the narrator explains Jack could have applied the brakes and saved his brother. What are some possible reasons Jack did not stop the tractor but stood and watched his brother die instead?

Essay Topic 3

On the farm, Jack has two primary responsibilities: tending to the cows in the mornings and working the fields. Compare and contrast these two jobs in relation to how Jack responds to each one.

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