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Short Answer Questions

1. For what is Dale Hawthorne well-known in his town?

2. When Jack's father is gone for days, who takes over the work of the farm?

3. What is it that makes Jack crazy once his good feelings wear off?

4. What does Jack drink from the thermos Phoebe brings him?

5. To whom does Jack confide in and tell his tractor stories?

Short Essay Questions

1. Later in the evening following their lunch, Jack comes to understand about why Phoebe is alarmed about his not saying grace before eating. What does he realize grace means to Phoebe?

2. What does Jack think about as he prepares the cows for milking after realizing why Phoebe wanted him to say grace? How does he feel as these thoughts enter his mind?

3. As his lessons continue, what does Jack begin to realize about his teacher and his rants about America and Russia?

4. How do Jack's family and his mother's friends view his passionate interest in his horn? Are they concerned? Why?

5. With practice Jack is able to have major accomplishments with his horn playing. What are some of those accomplishments? Which ones seem especially important?

6. Describe the Hawthorne family farm that Jack works on a year and a half later. What has changed? What remains the same?

7. When he is driving the tractor, how does Jack's behavior mimic that of his father?

8. When Jack first opens the door and sees his family gathered around his father, his aunt says to him, "It's all over. Your father is home." What does she mean by this?

9. What does Jack ask Yegudkin after he plays, and how does the teacher respond?

10. How does Jack Hawthorne spend much of his time after the accidental death of his brother? What does he do during those activities?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jack and Dale both struggle with both the question of the existence of God and the existence of good and evil after David's death. Discuss both character's different approaches to the struggle with these two topics.

Essay Topic 2

When Jack asks Yegudkin, "You think I'll ever play like that?" Yegudkin laughs loudly and says, "Play like me?" What does Yegudkin mean by his reply, and how does it affect Jack?

Essay Topic 3

Jack did not stop the tractor once it had begun dragging the cultipacker over his brother's body. In the second sentence the narrator explains Jack could have applied the brakes and saved his brother. What are some possible reasons Jack did not stop the tractor but stood and watched his brother die instead?

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