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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position does Jack play in the orchestra?
(a) Second chair French horn.
(b) Fourth chair French horn.
(c) Third chair French horn.
(d) First chair French horn.

2. What does Yegudkin do while Jack is playing the horn at his lesson?
(a) He points at the music and corrects Jack's playing.
(b) He sings and gestures.
(c) He hums along with the music.
(d) He sits quietly and listens.

3. What bus does Jack take to his music lessons?
(a) The Bluebue.
(b) The Newark Express.
(c) The Greenbus.
(d) The Express.

4. What does Jack do when he finally enters the living room?
(a) He stands next to his father and pats his back.
(b) He kneels next to his father and puts his arm around him.
(c) He stands next to his aunt and uncle.
(d) He sits next to his mother on the couch.

5. How does Jack react to the answer Yegudkin gives him after playing the horn for his student?
(a) He blinks and leaves the room.
(b) He blinks and smiles.
(c) He blinks and begins to sob.
(d) He blinks and his legs go weak.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an "Alexander?"

2. When Jack opens the living room door, what is his father doing in the living room?

3. Where do the Yegudkins go after leaving Russia?

4. What does Jack say to his father while he stands in the living room door?

5. What other things does Dale read in public?

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