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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jack see sitting with his father when he opens the living room door?
(a) His uncles, his mother, some field hands, and some friends.
(b) His mother, his aunt, the police, and his cousins.
(c) HIs sister his uncle, the neighbor and some field hands.
(d) His mother, his sister, his uncle and his aunt, and two cousins.

2. What does Jack bring with him each night when he returns from milking the cows?
(a) His heavy coat.
(b) A carton of apples.
(c) A pail of milk.
(d) Eggs.

3. What does Jack do when he finally enters the living room?
(a) He kneels next to his father and puts his arm around him.
(b) He stands next to his aunt and uncle.
(c) He sits next to his mother on the couch.
(d) He stands next to his father and pats his back.

4. What kinds of things does Yegudkin play on the horn?
(a) Scales, etudes and whole notes.
(b) Scales, notes and etudes.
(c) Chords, notes and etudes.
(d) Scales, runs, and chords.

5. How does Jack feel when his aunt speaks to him in the living room?
(a) His back hurt and he tries to sit down.
(b) His eyes were wide open and he was screaming.
(c) His knees were weak and his heart was pounding.
(d) His hands were shaking and he was laughing.

6. Where does Yegudkin's wife sit while he teaches?
(a) On the bench outside the library.
(b) In a rocking chair in the library.
(c) On the bench outside his door.
(d) In a rocking chair in his office.

7. What does Jack say to his father while he stands in the living room door?
(a) He says "Why have you come home?"
(b) He says simply "Hi, dad."
(c) He says "Love you, dad."
(d) He says, "Welcome home."

8. What poems does Jack's father recite in public now that he has returned home?
(a) "Bridge to Madison County" and "My Way."
(b) "Tomorrow's Bridge" and "This Too Will Pass."
(c) "I Lean on the Lord" and "Why Must This Be?"
(d) "The Weight of the World" and "Sufferers Be Still."

9. What question does Jack ask Yegudkin after hearing him play?
(a) "How did you learn to play runs that fast?"
(b) "How did you memorize all of that?"
(c) "Do you think I'll ever play like that?"
(d) "Have you always played that well?"

10. What does Jack's mother say about his horn playing?
(a) "That boy is headed for trouble."
(b) "If it makes him happy, it makes me happy."
(c) "Maybe he will be a famous musician."
(d) "That horn's his whole world."

11. What does Jack have tucked under his arms as he starts for home?
(a) His horn and his lunch.
(b) His horn and his hat.
(c) His horn and his coat.
(d) HIs horn and his music.

12. In their lesson after he has played the horn for Jack, what does Yegudkin not speak of that he normally does in Jack's lessons?
(a) The stupidity of musicians.
(b) The stupidity of mankind.
(c) His love for America.
(d) The beauty of the world.

13. When Jack opens the living room door, what is his father doing in the living room?
(a) Crying in his wife's lap.
(b) Asking about the farm.
(c) Laughing with his brothers.
(d) Talking to Phoebe.

14. What does Jack realize when he is doing his chores the night after lunch with Phoebe?
(a) If he does not say grace, he does not love his dead brother.
(b) If he does not say grace, there might be no heaven.
(c) If he does not say grace, he will go to Hell.
(d) If he does not say grace, he will be cursed.

15. How does Dale react to being home?
(a) He spends his time isolated and quiet.
(b) He smokes, paces and rides his motorcycle.
(c) He talks to his brothers about redemption.
(d) He works, prays and drinks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is on the sidewalk with Jack as he leaves his lesson to go home?

2. What does Jack realize he is doing as he gets close to his father?

3. What does his family think about Jack's means of coping with his emotions?

4. How does Yegudkin's wife survive their ordeal?

5. What does Jack know as he begins his walk down the street toward home?

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