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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in the shallow drawer of Yegudkin's desk in his office?
(a) Reeds for instruments.
(b) Mouthpieces for horns.
(c) Letters from family in Russia.
(d) Tools for repairing horns.

2. What does Jack know as he begins his walk down the street toward home?
(a) He has to get change to get on the bus.
(b) He has a twenty minute walk ahead of him.
(c) He needs to stop at the store before going home.
(d) He has missed his bus.

3. What are the names of Jack's aunt and uncle who are in the house for Dale's homecoming?
(a) Anne and Walt.
(b) Ruth and Ben.
(c) Ruth and Walt.
(d) Ruth and David.

4. What does Jack conclude about his teacher?
(a) Yegudkin loves America and hates Russia.
(b) Yegudkin hates both America and Russia.
(c) Yegudkin loves Russia and hates America.
(d) Yegudkin hates America and misses Russia.

5. What does Dale say to Jack as he is standing at the door?
(a) "Forgive me."
(b) "My son."
(c) "Jackie."
(d) "I have missed you."

6. In their lesson after he has played the horn for Jack, what does Yegudkin not speak of that he normally does in Jack's lessons?
(a) The stupidity of mankind.
(b) His love for America.
(c) The beauty of the world.
(d) The stupidity of musicians.

7. How do Phoebe and Jack's mother react to Dale's return?
(a) They are laughing and happy.
(b) They are quiet and listening to Dale's stories.
(c) The are screaming at him for being gone.
(d) They are crying and hugging him.

8. What does Yedugkin wear to work every day?
(a) A long balck overcoat, a grey suit, and a grey fedora.
(b) Spats, a long grey overcoat, and a black beret.
(c) Spats, a long black overcoat, and a black fedora.
(d) A long grey overcoat, a black suit, and a black beret.

9. How does Jack feel about his mother and sister's reactions to Dale's readings in public?
(a) He dislikes how rude they are in church.
(b) He dislikes how they are faking their tears.
(c) He dislikes how they smile, cry, and lift their heads.
(d) He dislikes all of the attention they give Dale.

10. Where and when does Jack refuse to play his horn?
(a) In his home for his friends.
(b) At church or at home for guests.
(c) In the neighborhood or in the school band on holidays.
(d) At church or on street corners after dinner.

11. What does Mrs. Hawthorne do as she talks about Jack's horn playing?
(a) Smiles but stomps her feet.
(b) Frowns and tells him to stop practicing.
(c) Smiles and clasps her hands together.
(d) Frowns and asks for guidance.

12. What question does Jack ask Yegudkin after hearing him play?
(a) "Have you always played that well?"
(b) "How did you memorize all of that?"
(c) "Do you think I'll ever play like that?"
(d) "How did you learn to play runs that fast?"

13. What does Jack bring with him each night when he returns from milking the cows?
(a) A pail of milk.
(b) Eggs.
(c) His heavy coat.
(d) A carton of apples.

14. How does Jack feel as he nears the homecoming scene?
(a) Dizzy and nauseated.
(b) Happy and grateful.
(c) Exhausted and childlike.
(d) Relieved and exhausted.

15. Now that his father is home, what does Jack tell himself at night when he is alone?
(a) "They will wake up and find I am famous."
(b) "They will wake up and find me married."
(c) "They will wake up and find me dead."
(d) "They will wake up and find me gone."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack notice about his father since his return home?

2. Where does Yegudkin give his lessons on Saturdays?

3. How does the narrator describe the look in Yegudkin's eyes as he handles the Alexander?

4. Where does Jack take his French horn lessons?

5. What does Jack have tucked under his arms as he starts for home?

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