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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position does Jack play in the orchestra?
(a) Fourth chair French horn.
(b) Third chair French horn.
(c) Second chair French horn.
(d) First chair French horn.

2. What is one thing Dale does after being home a month?
(a) He takes over the grocery shopping.
(b) He begins writing love poems.
(c) He begins reciting again poetry at the Grange.
(d) He begins to come home drunk

3. What question does Jack ask Yegudkin after hearing him play?
(a) "How did you memorize all of that?"
(b) "Do you think I'll ever play like that?"
(c) "How did you learn to play runs that fast?"
(d) "Have you always played that well?"

4. What does Yegudkin talk about while Jack is resting between pieces?
(a) The United States and Russia.
(b) The United States and it's military power.
(c) His experience of leaving Russia.
(d) His hatred of America.

5. How does Jack feel about his father now that Dale has been gone for three weeks?
(a) He does not want his father to come home until fall.
(b) He is frightened and wants his father home.
(c) He is both hateful and envious.
(d) He does not understand what his father is doing.

6. What does Jack bring with him each night when he returns from milking the cows?
(a) Eggs.
(b) His heavy coat.
(c) A carton of apples.
(d) A pail of milk.

7. What are the names of Jack's aunt and uncle who are in the house for Dale's homecoming?
(a) Anne and Walt.
(b) Ruth and David.
(c) Ruth and Walt.
(d) Ruth and Ben.

8. What does Jack use each night to take off his boots?
(a) His hands.
(b) A crowbar.
(c) He just slides out of them.
(d) A bootjack.

9. Where do the Yegudkins live in America?
(a) Rochester, New Jersey
(b) Rochester, New York
(c) Rochester, Indiana
(d) Rochester, Minnesota

10. What does Yegudkin say to Jack at the end of their lesson?
(a) "Next month?"
(b) "Next week?"
(c) "Next Saturday?"
(d) "Next lesson?"

11. What makes Jack turn his head and look up while he is thinking and preparing the cows for milking in the barn?
(a) His mother come to talk to him.
(b) His cousin asks him a question.
(c) One of the farmhands needs help.
(d) HIs uncle speaks to him.

12. What does Yegudkin say as he hands the horn to his student?
(a) "Good luck."
(b) "Good sound."
(c) "Good horn."
(d) "Good instrument."

13. What other things does Dale read in public?
(a) Some of his mother's journal entries during her son's death.
(b) Some of Jack's poetry written when he was younger.
(c) Some of his journal entries from his son's death.
(d) Some of Phoebe's poems from second grade.

14. What does the person in the barn say to him while he is working with the cows?
(a) "Can you look at this for me, Jack?"
(b) "What time is it, Jackie?"
(c) "Need any help, Jackie?"
(d) "You all right there, Jackie?"

15. Now that his father is home, what does Jack tell himself at night when he is alone?
(a) "They will wake up and find I am famous."
(b) "They will wake up and find me dead."
(c) "They will wake up and find me gone."
(d) "They will wake up and find me married."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack say to his father while he stands in the living room door?

2. What does Dale say to Jack as he is standing at the door?

3. What is Jack's horn teacher's nickname?

4. How do Phoebe and Jack's mother react to Dale's return?

5. Who takes Yegudkin and his wife away from their home?

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