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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Yegudkin and his wife away from their home?
(a) The Army of the United States.
(b) The Nazis.
(c) The Polish National Army.
(d) The Bolsheviks.

2. What happens when the Yegudkins are on their way to Siberia?
(a) They are picked up by soldiers and brought to Kiev.
(b) They are put in work camps.
(c) They are shot and left for dead.
(d) They are returned to Kerensky.

3. What are some of the composers Jack practices in his lessons?
(a) Kopprasch, Gallay and Kling.
(b) Kopprasch, Gallette and Klien.
(c) Kopprasch, Guiness and Kling.
(d) Kopprasch, Gauche and Kline.

4. What does Yegudkin tell Jack of Russia and its power?
(a) He describes the difference between communism and democracy.
(b) He describes Kiev, Russian cities, and Russian politics.
(c) He describes the display of weaponry, Russian cunning, and Napoleon.
(d) He describes Russian tanks, Siberia, and Czar Nicholi.

5. What does Jack think about while preparing the cow for the milking machine later in evening after his lunch with Phoebe?
(a) His need to get away for awhile.
(b) His father.
(c) His school work.
(d) His lack of friends.

6. What is Phoebe doing during the homecoming?
(a) Talking to her cousins.
(b) Asking her aunt what to make for dinner.
(c) Looking for Jack.
(d) Sitting next to her mother and hugging both her mother and father.

7. What does the person in the barn say to him while he is working with the cows?
(a) "You all right there, Jackie?"
(b) "What time is it, Jackie?"
(c) "Need any help, Jackie?"
(d) "Can you look at this for me, Jack?"

8. What does Yegudkin look like?
(a) He is short and stocky with a red moustache.
(b) He is muscular with black hair and a moustache.
(c) He is small and frail with a moustache.
(d) He is tall and thin with a silver moustache.

9. What does Yegudkin talk about while Jack is resting between pieces?
(a) His experience of leaving Russia.
(b) His hatred of America.
(c) The United States and it's military power.
(d) The United States and Russia.

10. When Jack reaches the street after his lesson, what does he do?
(a) Puts down his horn case and lights a cigarette.
(b) Puts down his horn case and buys a hotdog from the vendor.
(c) Puts down his horn case and calls home.
(d) Puts down his horn case and wipes away his tears.

11. On what day are Jack's music lessons?
(a) Tuesdays.
(b) Fridays.
(c) Thursdays.
(d) Saturdays.

12. What does Mrs. Hawthorne do as she talks about Jack's horn playing?
(a) Frowns and asks for guidance.
(b) Smiles but stomps her feet.
(c) Smiles and clasps her hands together.
(d) Frowns and tells him to stop practicing.

13. What does Jack do when he finally enters the living room?
(a) He stands next to his aunt and uncle.
(b) He sits next to his mother on the couch.
(c) He kneels next to his father and puts his arm around him.
(d) He stands next to his father and pats his back.

14. How do Phoebe and Jack's mother react to Dale's return?
(a) They are crying and hugging him.
(b) They are laughing and happy.
(c) They are quiet and listening to Dale's stories.
(d) The are screaming at him for being gone.

15. Who is on the sidewalk with Jack as he leaves his lesson to go home?
(a) Dazed, irritable shoppers.
(b) Smiling, excited shoppers.
(c) Dazed, smiling shoppers.
(d) Smiling, happy shoppers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack realize he is doing as he gets close to his father?

2. Where does Yegudkin give his lessons on Saturdays?

3. What kinds of things does Yegudkin play on the horn?

4. What does Jack's mother say about his horn playing?

5. How does Jack react to the answer Yegudkin gives him after playing the horn for his student?

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