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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does his family think about Jack's means of coping with his emotions?
(a) They think he is being mean to his father.
(b) They believe there is nothing they can do about his isolation.
(c) They think he is not a good horn player.
(d) They know he will grow out of it.

2. Where do the Yegudkins go after leaving Russia?
(a) To China.
(b) To Europe.
(c) To India.
(d) To Greece.

3. What does Jack's aunt say to him while he is standing in the doorway?
(a) "Jackie, come in. Your father is ill."
(b) "Jackie, come in. Everything is fine now."
(c) "Jackie, come in. It's all over. You dad's come home."
(d) "Jackie, come in. Your fatehr is glad to see you."

4. What does Yegudkin talk about while Jack is resting between pieces?
(a) His experience of leaving Russia.
(b) His hatred of America.
(c) The United States and it's military power.
(d) The United States and Russia.

5. What does Yegudkin tell Jack of Russia and its power?
(a) He describes Russian tanks, Siberia, and Czar Nicholi.
(b) He describes the display of weaponry, Russian cunning, and Napoleon.
(c) He describes the difference between communism and democracy.
(d) He describes Kiev, Russian cities, and Russian politics.

6. How does Jack feel about his mother and sister's reactions to Dale's readings in public?
(a) He dislikes all of the attention they give Dale.
(b) He dislikes how they are faking their tears.
(c) He dislikes how they smile, cry, and lift their heads.
(d) He dislikes how rude they are in church.

7. What does Yegudkin say to Jack at the end of their lesson?
(a) "Next lesson?"
(b) "Next week?"
(c) "Next Saturday?"
(d) "Next month?"

8. What does Yegudkin say as he hands the horn to his student?
(a) "Good sound."
(b) "Good luck."
(c) "Good instrument."
(d) "Good horn."

9. Where do the Yegudkins live in America?
(a) Rochester, Indiana
(b) Rochester, Minnesota
(c) Rochester, New Jersey
(d) Rochester, New York

10. Since his father has returned home, what does Jack do late at night?
(a) He calls his old school friends on the phone.
(b) He dreams of joining the army.
(c) He goes up to the haymow or the orchard and plays his horn.
(d) He takes his father's motorcycle and rides into town.

11. How does Jack speak when he talks to his father at his homecoming?
(a) He speaks clearly.
(b) He mumbles to his sister.
(c) He whispers too softly for anyone to hear.
(d) He yells at his father.

12. To whom is Yegudkin giving the Alexander?
(a) To one of his graduate students.
(b) To Jack.
(c) To a new horn player.
(d) To himself.

13. In their lesson after he has played the horn for Jack, what does Yegudkin not speak of that he normally does in Jack's lessons?
(a) The stupidity of mankind.
(b) The stupidity of musicians.
(c) His love for America.
(d) The beauty of the world.

14. What does Jack say as he is united with his father?
(a) "I hate you."
(b) "Welcome home."
(c) "I have missed you."
(d) "I love you."

15. How does Jack feel when his aunt speaks to him in the living room?
(a) His knees were weak and his heart was pounding.
(b) His hands were shaking and he was laughing.
(c) His back hurt and he tries to sit down.
(d) His eyes were wide open and he was screaming.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dale react to being home?

2. What does Jack do when he finally enters the living room?

3. When Jack opens the living room door, what is his father doing in the living room?

4. What position does Jack play in the orchestra?

5. What is one thing Dale does after being home a month?

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