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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Yegudkin when we meet him?
(a) Seventy-five.
(b) Fifty.
(c) Sixty.
(d) Seventy.

2. How does Jack speak when he talks to his father at his homecoming?
(a) He yells at his father.
(b) He speaks clearly.
(c) He mumbles to his sister.
(d) He whispers too softly for anyone to hear.

3. What does Jack do when he finally enters the living room?
(a) He kneels next to his father and puts his arm around him.
(b) He stands next to his aunt and uncle.
(c) He sits next to his mother on the couch.
(d) He stands next to his father and pats his back.

4. What poems does Jack's father recite in public now that he has returned home?
(a) "I Lean on the Lord" and "Why Must This Be?"
(b) "Bridge to Madison County" and "My Way."
(c) "The Weight of the World" and "Sufferers Be Still."
(d) "Tomorrow's Bridge" and "This Too Will Pass."

5. Where does Jack take his French horn lessons?
(a) The New School.
(b) The Eastman School of Music.
(c) New York University.
(d) The Julliard School.

6. Who takes Yegudkin and his wife away from their home?
(a) The Nazis.
(b) The Bolsheviks.
(c) The Army of the United States.
(d) The Polish National Army.

7. What kinds of things does Yegudkin play on the horn?
(a) Scales, etudes and whole notes.
(b) Scales, runs, and chords.
(c) Scales, notes and etudes.
(d) Chords, notes and etudes.

8. What does Jack know as he begins his walk down the street toward home?
(a) He has missed his bus.
(b) He needs to stop at the store before going home.
(c) He has to get change to get on the bus.
(d) He has a twenty minute walk ahead of him.

9. What does Jack's aunt say to him while he is standing in the doorway?
(a) "Jackie, come in. Everything is fine now."
(b) "Jackie, come in. Your father is ill."
(c) "Jackie, come in. It's all over. You dad's come home."
(d) "Jackie, come in. Your fatehr is glad to see you."

10. What does Yegudkin say to Jack at the end of their lesson?
(a) "Next Saturday?"
(b) "Next week?"
(c) "Next month?"
(d) "Next lesson?"

11. In what orchestra does Yegudkin play before he comes to New York?
(a) The orchestra of Czar Nikolai.
(b) The orchestra of Lenin.
(c) The orchestra of Brezhnev.
(d) The orchestra of Tsar Stalin.

12. How does the graduate student react to his teacher's horn playing?
(a) He sits, arms crossed, dismayed.
(b) He sits, hands on his knees, in a daze.
(c) He sits, hands in the air, stunned.
(d) He sits, legs folded, and waits.

13. A few nights after his lunch with Phoebe, what does Jack notice when he comes into the kitchen after work one evening?
(a) His mother is asleep on the couch.
(b) His sister is practicing her piano.
(c) All of the lights are on.
(d) The house is unusually quiet.

14. How does Jack feel about his mother and sister's reactions to Dale's readings in public?
(a) He dislikes how they smile, cry, and lift their heads.
(b) He dislikes all of the attention they give Dale.
(c) He dislikes how rude they are in church.
(d) He dislikes how they are faking their tears.

15. What is one thing Dale does after being home a month?
(a) He begins reciting again poetry at the Grange.
(b) He takes over the grocery shopping.
(c) He begins to come home drunk
(d) He begins writing love poems.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jack feel as he nears the homecoming scene?

2. What does Jack bring with him each night when he returns from milking the cows?

3. After his return, what does Dale Hawthorne do while he recites in public?

4. After leaving Russia, what does Yegudkin do in his new country?

5. What are some of the composers Jack practices in his lessons?

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