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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yegudkin say to Jack at the end of their lesson?
(a) "Next lesson?"
(b) "Next week?"
(c) "Next Saturday?"
(d) "Next month?"

2. A few nights after his lunch with Phoebe, what does Jack notice when he comes into the kitchen after work one evening?
(a) His mother is asleep on the couch.
(b) All of the lights are on.
(c) His sister is practicing her piano.
(d) The house is unusually quiet.

3. What is Jack's horn teacher's nickname?
(a) The Private.
(b) The Major.
(c) The Sergeant.
(d) The General.

4. After his return, what does Dale Hawthorne do while he recites in public?
(a) He avoids the eyes of his listeners.
(b) He curses the gods.
(c) He cries and speaks carefully.
(d) He gesticulates.

5. What does Yegudkin look like?
(a) He is small and frail with a moustache.
(b) He is muscular with black hair and a moustache.
(c) He is short and stocky with a red moustache.
(d) He is tall and thin with a silver moustache.

6. What does Jack do when he finally enters the living room?
(a) He stands next to his aunt and uncle.
(b) He kneels next to his father and puts his arm around him.
(c) He sits next to his mother on the couch.
(d) He stands next to his father and pats his back.

7. How does Jack speak when he talks to his father at his homecoming?
(a) He yells at his father.
(b) He whispers too softly for anyone to hear.
(c) He speaks clearly.
(d) He mumbles to his sister.

8. What is in the shallow drawer of Yegudkin's desk in his office?
(a) Letters from family in Russia.
(b) Tools for repairing horns.
(c) Reeds for instruments.
(d) Mouthpieces for horns.

9. What is an "Alexander?"
(a) A type of French horn.
(b) A type of tuba.
(c) A type of trumpet.
(d) A type of trombone.

10. How does the graduate student react to his teacher's horn playing?
(a) He sits, hands on his knees, in a daze.
(b) He sits, arms crossed, dismayed.
(c) He sits, hands in the air, stunned.
(d) He sits, legs folded, and waits.

11. How does Dale react to being home?
(a) He talks to his brothers about redemption.
(b) He smokes, paces and rides his motorcycle.
(c) He works, prays and drinks.
(d) He spends his time isolated and quiet.

12. What happens when the Yegudkins are on their way to Siberia?
(a) They are shot and left for dead.
(b) They are picked up by soldiers and brought to Kiev.
(c) They are put in work camps.
(d) They are returned to Kerensky.

13. How does Yegudkin react to the question Jack asks him when Yegudkin has finished playing?
(a) He laughs loudly and his eyes widen.
(b) He laughs loudly and nudges Jack in the side.
(c) He laughs loudly and turns to the graduate student.
(d) He laughs loudly and says "no."

14. Since his father has returned home, what does Jack do late at night?
(a) He takes his father's motorcycle and rides into town.
(b) He calls his old school friends on the phone.
(c) He dreams of joining the army.
(d) He goes up to the haymow or the orchard and plays his horn.

15. What does the person in the barn say to him while he is working with the cows?
(a) "Need any help, Jackie?"
(b) "Can you look at this for me, Jack?"
(c) "You all right there, Jackie?"
(d) "What time is it, Jackie?"

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is Yegudkin giving the Alexander?

2. When Jack reaches the street after his lesson, what does he do?

3. On what day are Jack's music lessons?

4. What are some of the composers Jack practices in his lessons?

5. Where does Jack take his French horn lessons?

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