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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since his father has returned home, what does Jack do late at night?
(a) He goes up to the haymow or the orchard and plays his horn.
(b) He takes his father's motorcycle and rides into town.
(c) He dreams of joining the army.
(d) He calls his old school friends on the phone.

2. What does Yegudkin say as he hands the horn to his student?
(a) "Good sound."
(b) "Good luck."
(c) "Good horn."
(d) "Good instrument."

3. What does Jack know as he begins his walk down the street toward home?
(a) He has missed his bus.
(b) He needs to stop at the store before going home.
(c) He has a twenty minute walk ahead of him.
(d) He has to get change to get on the bus.

4. After leaving Russia, what does Yegudkin do in his new country?
(a) He plays French horn to great praise by the critics.
(b) He stays home and cares for his wife.
(c) He studies with a French historian.
(d) He finds a factory job in a city.

5. What does Mrs. Hawthorne do as she talks about Jack's horn playing?
(a) Frowns and tells him to stop practicing.
(b) Smiles but stomps her feet.
(c) Frowns and asks for guidance.
(d) Smiles and clasps her hands together.

6. Where does Jack take his French horn lessons?
(a) The New School.
(b) The Eastman School of Music.
(c) The Julliard School.
(d) New York University.

7. What does Jack notice about his father since his return home?
(a) His eyes no longer work as well as they used to.
(b) He does not like to talk to people anymore.
(c) HIs eyes not longer sparkle, and he does not have a actor's style.
(d) He has lost his sense of humor.

8. How does the graduate student react to his teacher's horn playing?
(a) He sits, arms crossed, dismayed.
(b) He sits, legs folded, and waits.
(c) He sits, hands on his knees, in a daze.
(d) He sits, hands in the air, stunned.

9. What happens when the Yegudkins are on their way to Siberia?
(a) They are picked up by soldiers and brought to Kiev.
(b) They are put in work camps.
(c) They are returned to Kerensky.
(d) They are shot and left for dead.

10. What does Jack conclude about his teacher?
(a) Yegudkin hates America and misses Russia.
(b) Yegudkin hates both America and Russia.
(c) Yegudkin loves America and hates Russia.
(d) Yegudkin loves Russia and hates America.

11. How does Yegudkin's wife survive their ordeal?
(a) She is blinded by the wounds she received.
(b) She is terribly crippled from the gunshots.
(c) She is hardly harmed by the soldiers.
(d) She is left behind and lives in a work camp.

12. What does Yegudkin tell Jack of Russia and its power?
(a) He describes Kiev, Russian cities, and Russian politics.
(b) He describes the difference between communism and democracy.
(c) He describes the display of weaponry, Russian cunning, and Napoleon.
(d) He describes Russian tanks, Siberia, and Czar Nicholi.

13. How does Jack react to the answer Yegudkin gives him after playing the horn for his student?
(a) He blinks and begins to sob.
(b) He blinks and smiles.
(c) He blinks and leaves the room.
(d) He blinks and his legs go weak.

14. After his return, what does Dale Hawthorne do while he recites in public?
(a) He avoids the eyes of his listeners.
(b) He gesticulates.
(c) He cries and speaks carefully.
(d) He curses the gods.

15. What does Yedugkin wear to work every day?
(a) Spats, a long grey overcoat, and a black beret.
(b) A long grey overcoat, a black suit, and a black beret.
(c) Spats, a long black overcoat, and a black fedora.
(d) A long balck overcoat, a grey suit, and a grey fedora.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Jack turn his head and look up while he is thinking and preparing the cows for milking in the barn?

2. What does Jack say as he is united with his father?

3. In what orchestra does Yegudkin play before he comes to New York?

4. How does Jack feel about his mother and sister's reactions to Dale's readings in public?

5. What are some of the composers Jack practices in his lessons?

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