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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Jack's mother?
(a) 30.
(b) 34.
(c) 43.
(d) 27.

2. What do the men talk about while they are at the feed store?
(a) Jack and the accident.
(b) Democrats and the weather.
(c) Feed and grain.
(d) Their wives.

3. How does Phoebe feel about having lunch with her brother?
(a) She is happy to get out of the house and away from her chores.
(b) She is angry that she has to carry the heavy basket up the hill.
(c) She is sad to see Jack sitting all alone.
(d) She is disappointed her mother does not join them.

4. What does Jack notice as he takes a long sip from his drink during lunch?
(a) Phoebe looks like she wants to scream at Jack.
(b) Phoebe looks like she wants to cry.
(c) Phoebe looks like she wants to run away.
(d) Phoebe looks like she wants to say something.

5. What sight does Jack see when he remembers his brother's death?
(a) The evening sky.
(b) The brake on the tractor.
(c) The cultipacker rolling over his brother's body.
(d) The cultipacker stalling when it hits his brother.

6. Where does Jack feel a sense of belonging when he is working?
(a) In the kitchen with his mother and sister.
(b) In the fields with his uncles
(c) On the tractor with his father.
(d) In the barn with the cows.

7. What musical instrument does Jack's mother force on him?
(a) French horn.
(b) Violin.
(c) Guitar.
(d) Flute.

8. How does Jack feel when he is in the barn with the cows and other animals?
(a) He feels remorseful and guilty.
(b) He feels confused and anxious.
(c) He feels lonely and frightened.
(d) He feels at home and almost pleasant.

9. What kind of man is Jack's father?
(a) A sensitive, intelligent dreamer.
(b) A cruel and hateful man.
(c) A silly and impetuous man.
(d) A kind and stupid man.

10. In Dale's story, whose skull is Lord Byron trying to make into a drinking cup?
(a) King Richard's
(b) Einstein's.
(c) Shakespeare's.
(d) Shelley's.

11. Where does Jack sometimes find his father after the accident?
(a) Lying in bed drinking.
(b) Lying on the cow-barn floor crying.
(c) Lyning in the hammock in the back field.
(d) Lying on the couch watching tv.

12. Who are the heroines of Jack's stories?
(a) A schoolgirl named Margaret and his cousin, Linda.
(b) His sister and his French horn teacher.
(c) His teacher and a schoolgirl named Margaret.
(d) His mother and his sister, Phoebe.

13. What is it that makes Jack crazy once his good feelings wear off?
(a) The lack of rain.
(b) The stupidity of the cows.
(c) The amount of work to do on the farm.
(d) The fact that his father is gone.

14. For what does Jack's father often abandon his wife and children?
(a) Trips to the city to gamble.
(b) Camping in the Rockies.
(c) Drinking binges.
(d) Love affairs with other women.

15. What time of day is it when Jack brings in the herd from the upper pasture?
(a) Midday.
(b) Early afternoon.
(c) Late evening.
(d) Early morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do his co-workers accept about Dale Hawthorne since his son has died?

2. In the opening of the story, who dies in April?

3. What is one thing Jack's father thinks about when riding his motorcycle?

4. When Jack approaches the berry bushes, what does he notice escaping from them?

5. What does Jack's father struggle with about his religious beliefs?

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