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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jack enters his home after riding the tractor home in the thunderstorm, how does he behave?
(a) He is furous.
(b) He is silent.
(c) He is aloof.
(d) He is friendly.

2. What part does Jack play in his made-up stories?
(a) The narrator describing the action.
(b) The hero of the stories.
(c) The superhero.
(d) All of the parts.

3. What does one of Betty's friends say to her about Jack?
(a) "My, what big hands he has!"
(b) "My, what long blond hair he has!"
(c) "This is your son, Betty?"
(d) "He has gotten so tall!"

4. What does Jack become aware of about himself as he sits under the tree with Phoebe?
(a) His continued torment over his brother's death.
(b) His anger toward his sister.
(c) His loneliness and alienation.
(d) HIs physical condition after a morning's work in the field.

5. What is the name of the feed store?
(a) F.G.L.
(b) G.L.F.
(c) Q.E.D.
(d) L.L.G.

6. On what does Jack concentrate in order to regain his composure after his painful thoughts?
(a) The sound of the birds in the trees.
(b) The horizon.
(c) A comforting object like a dark, smooth stone.
(d) The clouds in the sky.

7. What is the victim riding when he falls off and is run over?
(a) The compactor.
(b) The cultipacker.
(c) The trailor.
(d) The tractor.

8. What is Phoebe's attitude as she carries the basket filled with lunch up to the field hands?
(a) She sees nothing unreasonable about lugging the basket up the hill.
(b) She is delighted and runs up the hill.
(c) She is obviously frustrated and does not want to walk up the hill.
(d) She is annoyed by the insects flying in her face.

9. How old is the character who accidentally kills the child?
(a) Ten.
(b) Nine.
(c) Fourteen.
(d) Twelve.

10. Where does Jack sometimes find his father after the accident?
(a) Lying on the cow-barn floor crying.
(b) Lyning in the hammock in the back field.
(c) Lying on the couch watching tv.
(d) Lying in bed drinking.

11. What about his surroundings does Jack become aware of while eating his lunch?
(a) It is a breezeless, insect-ridden heat.
(b) There are birds singing in the trees.
(c) The day has begun to cool down.
(d) There are clouds in the sky predicting rain.

12. What sight does Jack see when he remembers his brother's death?
(a) The evening sky.
(b) The brake on the tractor.
(c) The cultipacker rolling over his brother's body.
(d) The cultipacker stalling when it hits his brother.

13. When Jack stops for lunch after driving the tractor in the fields all morning, where does he sit?
(a) With his cousins.
(b) Under the overhang on the barn.
(c) In the shade of an oak tree.
(d) In the shade of an elm away from the others.

14. For what does Jack's father often abandon his wife and children?
(a) Love affairs with other women.
(b) Camping in the Rockies.
(c) Trips to the city to gamble.
(d) Drinking binges.

15. What is Jack's mother's support system after the accident?
(a) Her many close, religious friends who visit often and care for her.
(b) Eating and watching television alone.
(c) She does not have one.
(d) Reading and writing poetry.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jack come to feel about his raging on the tractor?

2. In the opening of the story, who dies in April?

3. How does the narrator describe Jack's father before the accident?

4. When Jack approaches the berry bushes, what does he notice escaping from them?

5. How much time has passed between David's death and harvest time in the fields?

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