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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jack referring to when he says "it was what life ought to be, what he'd once believed it was."?
(a) Life should be easy and he does not know why it is not easy now.
(b) Life on the farm was a struggle, and now things seeem better.
(c) Life should be lived to the fullest, now he is stuck on a farm.
(d) Life on the farm was good and simple before he killed his brother.

2. What is the name of the feed store?
(a) F.G.L.
(b) L.L.G.
(c) G.L.F.
(d) Q.E.D.

3. What is Phoebe's job after everyone has finished with lunch?
(a) To pick up everything, throw it away, and go home.
(b) To pick up everything, put it all in the basket, and bring the basket home.
(c) To leave the basket and the leftovers for Jack to bring back later.
(d) To fill the basket with dirty laundry and bring it home.

4. What is Phoebe doing in the kitchen when Jack comes in?
(a) Making chicken salad.
(b) Making cakes.
(c) Mopping the floor.
(d) Scrubbing the sink.

5. Where is Jack when he is making up his stories?
(a) Riding on the tractor at work.
(b) Sitting in his bed at night.
(c) Milking the cows.
(d) In the shower.

6. When Jack's father is gone for days, who takes over the work of the farm?
(a) Jack alone.
(b) Jack and his uncles, nieghbors or cousins.
(c) Jack and hired help.
(d) Jack and his friends.

7. What is one habit Jack's father takes up after the accident?
(a) Chain smoking Lucky Strikes.
(b) Talking in his sleep.
(c) Eating constantly.
(d) Drinking beer all day.

8. Who are the heroines of Jack's stories?
(a) His mother and his sister, Phoebe.
(b) A schoolgirl named Margaret and his cousin, Linda.
(c) His sister and his French horn teacher.
(d) His teacher and a schoolgirl named Margaret.

9. What does Jack tell the girls of his made-up stories?
(a) He confides in them his fears about his sister.
(b) He confides in them about his anger at this father.
(c) He confesses his worthlessness and names his faults.
(d) He confesses to his desire to run away.

10. How old is Phoebe when we see her bringing lunch to her brother Jack?
(a) Seven.
(b) Ten.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Nine.

11. What does Jack do while waiting for the cows to finish eating?
(a) He listens to them chew.
(b) He screams at the cows to hurry.
(c) He takes a nap.
(d) He cries in the hay.

12. What sight does Jack see when he remembers his brother's death?
(a) The brake on the tractor.
(b) The evening sky.
(c) The cultipacker stalling when it hits his brother.
(d) The cultipacker rolling over his brother's body.

13. What is one thing Jack's father thinks about when riding his motorcycle?
(a) Committing murder.
(b) Committing suicide.
(c) Leaving his wife and family for another woman.
(d) Selling the farm and moving away.

14. What kind of motorcycle does Jack's father have?
(a) Kawasaki.
(b) Vespa.
(c) Harley-Davidson 80.
(d) Honda.

15. As Jack walks down the road, what is on his right?
(a) Newly cultivated corn.
(b) Apple orchards.
(c) Blueberries and blackberries.
(d) Alfalfa and wheat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where on the farm does Jack work with his uncles?

2. At the time of the harvest, how long has Jack's father been gone?

3. What is the victim riding when he falls off and is run over?

4. When does Jack feel almost happy and content?

5. For what does Jack's father often abandon his wife and children?

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