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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about his surroundings does Jack become aware of while eating his lunch?
(a) It is a breezeless, insect-ridden heat.
(b) There are clouds in the sky predicting rain.
(c) There are birds singing in the trees.
(d) The day has begun to cool down.

2. What does Jack finally contemplate while riding on the tractor telling his stories?
(a) Murder.
(b) College.
(c) Suicide.
(d) Escape.

3. What can Jack hear from the other workers sitting at the other lunch site?
(a) A man yelling over to him.
(b) Laughter and yelling.
(c) Laughter over a joke told by his cousin.
(d) Whispering.

4. While riding on the tractor, what things does Jack say about himself to himself?
(a) He should never have been driving the tractor in the first place.
(b) He is almost a teeneager and has his whole life ahead of him.
(c) He is spiritually defective and evil.
(d) He is guilty but feels better each day.

5. What does Jack notice as he takes a long sip from his drink during lunch?
(a) Phoebe looks like she wants to run away.
(b) Phoebe looks like she wants to cry.
(c) Phoebe looks like she wants to say something.
(d) Phoebe looks like she wants to scream at Jack.

6. How does the narrator describe Jack's father before the accident?
(a) An unfatihful husband and a bad neighbor.
(b) A faithful husband and a fair minded, genial farmer.
(c) A gentle but stupid farmer.
(d) A reckless man with little control over his family.

7. What does Jack notice about his sister as she is laying out the food?
(a) She is crying and very unhappy.
(b) She is weak with hunger.
(c) She is falling asleep from exhaustion.
(d) She is smiling and acting like she is playing house.

8. What is Phoebe doing in the kitchen when Jack comes in?
(a) Making cakes.
(b) Mopping the floor.
(c) Scrubbing the sink.
(d) Making chicken salad.

9. What does Jack do while waiting for the cows to finish eating?
(a) He takes a nap.
(b) He screams at the cows to hurry.
(c) He cries in the hay.
(d) He listens to them chew.

10. What happens to Jack when he has painful thoughts on the tractor?
(a) He laughs it all off and drives the tractor home.
(b) He sobs and loses control of the tractor.
(c) He stops the tractor and goes home for something to eat.
(d) He shakes in weakness and finally gets off the tractor to rest.

11. What is one thing Jack's father thinks about when riding his motorcycle?
(a) Leaving his wife and family for another woman.
(b) Committing murder.
(c) Committing suicide.
(d) Selling the farm and moving away.

12. What does Jack's father struggle with about his religious beliefs?
(a) Is there a Hell?
(b) How God could be in Heaven.
(c) How anyone could not believe in God.
(d) How God could let such a horrible thing happen to his child.

13. What do the men talk about while they are at the feed store?
(a) Their wives.
(b) Feed and grain.
(c) Jack and the accident.
(d) Democrats and the weather.

14. What does one of Betty's friends say to her about Jack?
(a) "This is your son, Betty?"
(b) "My, what big hands he has!"
(c) "My, what long blond hair he has!"
(d) "He has gotten so tall!"

15. What does Jack see as he starts up the tractor after lunch to go back to work?
(a) Phoebe turns and waves to him.
(b) Phoebe runs back to give him a hug.
(c) His mother standing in the doorway of the kitchen waving to him.
(d) The other men all sit and have a smoke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack use to push the manure in the barn into the gutters?

2. Where is Jack when he is making up his stories?

3. What kind of man is Jack's father?

4. On what does Jack concentrate in order to regain his composure after his painful thoughts?

5. When Jack approaches the berry bushes, what does he notice escaping from them?

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