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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of motorcycle does Jack's father have?
(a) Honda.
(b) Kawasaki.
(c) Harley-Davidson 80.
(d) Vespa.

2. How does the narrator describe Jack's mother before the accident?
(a) A glum woman who always expected the worst.
(b) A happy woman who was shy and retiring.
(c) A cheerful woman who laughed and loved telling stories.
(d) A sad woman who had suffered greatly in her life.

3. What is Phoebe's attitude as she carries the basket filled with lunch up to the field hands?
(a) She is obviously frustrated and does not want to walk up the hill.
(b) She is annoyed by the insects flying in her face.
(c) She is delighted and runs up the hill.
(d) She sees nothing unreasonable about lugging the basket up the hill.

4. As Jack walks down the road, what is on his left?
(a) Newly cultivated corn.
(b) Alfalfa and soybeans.
(c) Vineyards.
(d) Ready to harvest wheat.

5. When Jack is on the tractor and a storm begins, what does he do?
(a) Drives home like a dog in flight.
(b) Rides to the edge of the field and waits for the storm to be over.
(c) Goes to the barn and takes a nap.
(d) Gets off and sits under a tree.

6. What does Jack notice as he takes a long sip from his drink during lunch?
(a) Phoebe looks like she wants to cry.
(b) Phoebe looks like she wants to scream at Jack.
(c) Phoebe looks like she wants to say something.
(d) Phoebe looks like she wants to run away.

7. Where did Jack's father perform?
(a) The theatre hall.
(b) An outdoor theatre.
(c) The town hall.
(d) The Grange.

8. Who is working and helping to harvest the fields with Jack?
(a) Phoebe and her friends.
(b) Neighbors and cousins.
(c) Friends and uncles.
(d) His mother and grandfather.

9. What is Jack's mother's support system after the accident?
(a) Reading and writing poetry.
(b) Her many close, religious friends who visit often and care for her.
(c) Eating and watching television alone.
(d) She does not have one.

10. As Jack walks down the road, what is on his right?
(a) Newly cultivated corn.
(b) Blueberries and blackberries.
(c) Alfalfa and wheat.
(d) Apple orchards.

11. How does Jack's mother deal with her grief outwardly?
(a) By crying nightly with the children.
(b) By refusing to speak to her husband.
(c) By playing cards with friends.
(d) By eating herself into a state of being overweight.

12. What is Jack indignant about when he is in the kitchen?
(a) Everyone talking too loudly.
(b) HIs mother is eating again.
(c) He is the only one working this hard.
(d) Everyone pretending eveything is ok.

13. What does Jack notice about his sister as she is laying out the food?
(a) She is falling asleep from exhaustion.
(b) She is weak with hunger.
(c) She is smiling and acting like she is playing house.
(d) She is crying and very unhappy.

14. What finally ruins Jack's fantasy stories when he is driving the tractor in the field?
(a) Despair.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Terror.
(d) Hunger.

15. What are Jack's chores after the accident?
(a) He paints the barn.
(b) He runs errands.
(c) He collects the eggs.
(d) He works the farm land and equipment.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator describe Jack's father before the accident?

2. When Jack approaches the berry bushes, what does he notice escaping from them?

3. What does Jack do while riding on the tractor?

4. What is the name of the feed store?

5. What is one thing Jack's father thinks about when riding his motorcycle?

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