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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack see as he starts up the tractor after lunch to go back to work?
(a) His mother standing in the doorway of the kitchen waving to him.
(b) Phoebe turns and waves to him.
(c) Phoebe runs back to give him a hug.
(d) The other men all sit and have a smoke.

2. What is the kitchen like in Jack's house?
(a) It is filled with people and the smell of food.
(b) It is a mess from the wind storm.
(c) It is painted a dark blue.
(d) It is empty and dark.

3. Where and when does Jack refuse to play his horn?
(a) At church or at home for guests.
(b) At church or on street corners after dinner.
(c) In his home for his friends.
(d) In the neighborhood or in the school band on holidays.

4. What does Jack tell the girls of his made-up stories?
(a) He confides in them his fears about his sister.
(b) He confesses his worthlessness and names his faults.
(c) He confesses to his desire to run away.
(d) He confides in them about his anger at this father.

5. In Dale's story, whose skull is Lord Byron trying to make into a drinking cup?
(a) Einstein's.
(b) Shakespeare's.
(c) King Richard's
(d) Shelley's.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the time of the harvest, how long has Jack's father been gone?

2. Who are the heroines of Jack's stories?

3. What have his co-workers accepted about Jack when he stops working for lunch?

4. For what orchestra does Jack play?

5. What is Jack indignant about when he is in the kitchen?

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