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Francine Rivers
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Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to little Faith after Angel took her away from Duke?

2. What was Michael's reply when Angel told Michael her real name?

3. When Angel wanted to leave the store, what excuse did Joseph tell Angel to keep her at work?

4. What did Angel take of Michael's to remind her of him?

5. Who finally went to get Angel after she ran away for the third time?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 34, what does Angel do when she sees Michael for the first time in several years?

2. In Chapter 29 when Angel goes to San Francisco, how does God intervene to help her stay away from prostitution?

3. What foreshadowing takes place in Chapter 25 concerning Angel's worshipful adoration of Michael?

4. In Chapter 22, does Angel's love for Michael change while she is away from him?

5. In Chapter 22, Angel gets a glimpse of a talent other than prostitution that might help her to make a living. How did she discover it, what is it, and where does she put it to use?

6. In Chapter 26, how does Elizabeth pregnancy influence Angel's opinion of herself and the future?

7. What is Michael's reaction to Angel's darkest secrets in Chapter 21?

8. How does Duke compare himself to Michael in Chapter 30? What is Angel's opinion?

9. What is the significance of Angel telling Michael that her real name is Sarah?

10. In Chapter 32, what is the conflict between newlyweds Miriam and Paul?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the Biblical Book of Hosea compare to Francine Rivers' version of the story of the Hoseas? As you compare/contrast the two stories, include the setting, main characters and plot line, specifically the resolution.

Essay Topic 2

When Angel leaves Michael for the last time, she believes it is for the best. This is the first time she doesn't have a selfish motive for leaving; she does it because she thinks it is the best thing for Michael. Discuss the other times that Angel has left the Valley. Compare/contrast her motives and how Michael reacts to each incident.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, Angel is known by many names, each reflecting a specific time in her life as well as her emotional and spiritual growth. Reflect on what each name means and what it reveals about Angel. Notice that by the end of the story, Angel has come full circle, once more being called by her childhood name Sarah. Make sure to discuss why Angel takes years to reveal this name to Michael.

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