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Francine Rivers
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Short Answer Questions

1. What Christmas gift did Angel make for Miriam?

2. What did the quiet voice keep repeating to Angel?

3. What does a panic-stricken Miriam ask Angel to help her with in Chapter 24?

4. Who does Miriam quote "like gospel"?

5. What did Michael bring for Angel from his trip to town in Chapter 26?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 32, what is the conflict between newlyweds Miriam and Paul?

2. How is the timing of Michael and Ange's deaths significant?

3. In Chapter 22, Angel gets a glimpse of a talent other than prostitution that might help her to make a living. How did she discover it, what is it, and where does she put it to use?

4. How does Angel discover Elizabeth's opinions concerning whom Miriam is in love with? What is Angel's reaction?

5. Why does Angel begin to think that there is potential for a relationship between Michael and Miriam?

6. In Chapter 21, why does Angel attempt to push Michael away from her, and how does she hope to accomplish this?

7. What happens when Angel and Michael are alone in Joseph Hochschild's store in Chapter 23?

8. In Chapter 22, does Angel's love for Michael change while she is away from him?

9. By the end of Chapter 33, how has Angel's character evolved from the beginning of the book?

10. In Chapter 28, the Hoseas celebrate Christmas at the Altmans, and Michael reads the Christmas story. What is Angel's reaction to the story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As a child, how do Angel's father figures (both Alex Stafford, "Uncle" Rab, and even Duke) shape who she is as a young adult, her feelings of self-worth, and what she becomes? Give specific examples.

Essay Topic 2

Which character do you relate to most in the story? Why? Compare/contrast yourself to that character, include experiences, emotions, and coping mechanisms as well as any conclusions you are able to draw about him/her and yourself.

Essay Topic 3

When Angel leaves Michael for the last time, she believes it is for the best. This is the first time she doesn't have a selfish motive for leaving; she does it because she thinks it is the best thing for Michael. Discuss the other times that Angel has left the Valley. Compare/contrast her motives and how Michael reacts to each incident.

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