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Francine Rivers
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Angel ask to run Magdalena?

2. What happened to Cherry after Angel took her away from Duke?

3. Where did Angel want Michael to find a husband for Miriam?

4. Who walked forward with Angel when she wanted to accept Jesus as her Lord?

5. When Elizabeth was in labor, what chore did she want to finish before giving birth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Angel continue to make yearly visits to the House of Magdalena?

2. What effect does Elizabeth asking Angel to be her midwife have on Angel?

3. In Chapter 22, Angel gets a glimpse of a talent other than prostitution that might help her to make a living. How did she discover it, what is it, and where does she put it to use?

4. In Chapter 27, where is Angel when she hears God's voice, and what does He tell her?

5. How does Angel discover Elizabeth's opinions concerning whom Miriam is in love with? What is Angel's reaction?

6. What is Michael's reaction to Angel's darkest secrets in Chapter 21?

7. How does Duke compare himself to Michael in Chapter 30? What is Angel's opinion?

8. In Chapter 32, how does Angel find her true calling?

9. In Chapter 34, what does Angel do when she sees Michael for the first time in several years?

10. What is the significance of Angel telling Michael that her real name is Sarah?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In addition to Angel, what other characters tried to escape their circumstances? What were the situations that they wanted to break away from, and how did they attempt to achieve this? Were they successful? Compare/contrast their experiences with Angel's as well as the end results.

Essay Topic 2

When Angel left the valley for the last time, it was Paul that went to attempt to bring her home; Why? What did Angel and Paul learn about themselves and each other from their encounter in San Francisco? What was the end result?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the still, small voice that Angel hears to the voice that instills fear and reinforces her negative feelings of self-worth. Discuss the source of both voices and their goals concerning Angel's well-being. Give specific examples of what happens when she listens to each of them.

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