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Francine Rivers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Paul before he came back to the valley?
(a) On the Yuba, panning for gold.
(b) In the mountains, looking for God.
(c) On a fishing expedition in Alaska.
(d) In Pair-a-Dice working at a bar.

2. Why does Michael leave Angel alone in the cabin?
(a) To give her time to think.
(b) Because he's afraid to be alone with her.
(c) So that she will do chores.
(d) In order to visit with the neighbors.

3. What did Michael call Angel that hurt her feelings?
(a) Sinner.
(b) Harlot.
(c) Beloved.
(d) Angel.

4. When Angel thinks that everyone she draws close to leaves, what does she say is deadly?
(a) Kindness.
(b) Hate.
(c) Love.
(d) Hope.

5. Why did Alex tell his lover Mae that he never wanted Sarah?
(a) He had a legitimate family of his own.
(b) He did not want to be financially responsible for Sarah.
(c) He only wanted sons to carry on his legacy.
(d) He never believed he was Sarah's biological father.

6. When Mae dies, what does Rab do to try to help Sarah?
(a) He does his best to be a wonderful father to Sarah.
(b) He sells his possessions to provide for Sarah's education.
(c) He asks a trusted friend to take Sarah in as a daughter.
(d) He takes Sarah to a man he believes wants to adopt her.

7. What does Angel compare herself to when talking to Miriam Altman?
(a) A wild dog, rabid and unpredictable.
(b) A chunk of amethyst turned inside out.
(c) A diamond in the rough.
(d) A prickly thorn, small but capable of much pain.

8. What did Angel believe would ease the heaviness inside of her?
(a) Praying to Michael's God.
(b) A good nights sleep.
(c) Hard work and daily chores.
(d) Getting her money from the Duchess.

9. What does Jacob Altman say that he would trade for a spoonful of plum jam?
(a) Gramma's ring.
(b) His sister's life.
(c) His right hand.
(d) Papa's watch.

10. How did Angel feel when she walked in the cabin after returning from Pair-a-Dice?
(a) "I can do better."
(b) "I'm home."
(c) "Not this dump again."
(d) "It hasn't changed a bit."

11. Why did Angel want her gold from the Duchess?
(a) She wanted to hide it in a safe place.
(b) She wanted to invest it in a piece of jewelry.
(c) She wanted to open her very own brothel.
(d) She wanted to buy a little house of her own.

12. What did Angel do for a job when she returned to Pair-a-Dice?
(a) She became a prostitute in the Silver Dollar.
(b) She became a clerk at the general store.
(c) She became the boss of The Palace.
(d) She became a cook at a local restaurant.

13. Where was Michael's last stop before leaving Sacramento?
(a) A bar.
(b) A brothel.
(c) A general store.
(d) A church.

14. What happened to Lucky and Mai Ling, Angel's co-workers, after Angel left Pair-a-Dice?
(a) They were killed.
(b) They moved away.
(c) They worked for another brothel.
(d) They started their own business.

15. When Paul asks Michael the name of his new bride, what name does Michael give him?
(a) Mandy.
(b) Angel.
(c) Amanda.
(d) Mara.

Short Answer Questions

1. After her first week on her feet, why did Angel finally come out of the cabin?

2. How did Angel feel about the camaraderie between the Altmans?

3. What does Miriam Altman say about dogs and children?

4. What did Angel think was the great original sin?

5. Why does Michael call Angel by a new name, Amanda?

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