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Francine Rivers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angel compare herself to when talking to Miriam Altman?
(a) A prickly thorn, small but capable of much pain.
(b) A wild dog, rabid and unpredictable.
(c) A diamond in the rough.
(d) A chunk of amethyst turned inside out.

2. When Angel asks Michael, "What sort of name is Hosea?" what is his reply?
(a) "Kosher."
(b) "Jewish."
(c) "Prophetic."
(d) "Unusual."

3. Where was Paul before he came back to the valley?
(a) On a fishing expedition in Alaska.
(b) On the Yuba, panning for gold.
(c) In Pair-a-Dice working at a bar.
(d) In the mountains, looking for God.

4. How did Angel get revenge on Michael for her stained hands?
(a) By ruining his dinner.
(b) By refusing to do chores.
(c) By breaking the window.
(d) By not talking to him.

5. Who introduced Michael to the Lord?
(a) His school teacher.
(b) His great-grandmother.
(c) A minister named John.
(d) A slave named Ezra.

6. When they were on their walk through the land at night, what was it that Michael wanted to show Angel?
(a) The family of deer.
(b) The stream.
(c) The sunrise.
(d) The view of the cabin below.

7. Why did Angel say her father stopped loving her mother?
(a) "He never loved her in the first place."
(b) "Because he was a selfish man."
(c) "Because of me."
(d) "He was in love with his wife."

8. How did Michael get Angel out the Silver Dollar after she ran away from the Valley?
(a) He bribed their way out.
(b) He fought their way out.
(c) He snuck them out.
(d) He kidnapped her.

9. What does Michael tell Angel to listen to in order to help her rest at his cabin?
(a) The babbling brook nearby.
(b) A mocking bird outside the window.
(c) The crackling of the fire.
(d) Him reading out of the Bible.

10. What did Angel believe would ease the heaviness inside of her?
(a) Praying to Michael's God.
(b) Hard work and daily chores.
(c) A good nights sleep.
(d) Getting her money from the Duchess.

11. When Angel thinks that everyone she draws close to leaves, what does she say is deadly?
(a) Love.
(b) Kindness.
(c) Hope.
(d) Hate.

12. What did Ruth Altman say that she ate once when she was little?
(a) A cricket.
(b) A rotten apple.
(c) A worm.
(d) A beetle.

13. Who did Michael say that Angel fell in love with instead of him?
(a) The Altmans.
(b) Duke.
(c) The valley.
(d) Paul.

14. How is Paul related to Michael?
(a) He was married to Michael's sister.
(b) He is Michael's cousin.
(c) He was Michael's stepbrother.
(d) He is Michael's oldest brother.

15. When Michael stops thinking of Angel as the prostitute he loved and who betrayed him, how does her see her?
(a) As the nameless child who had been broken and was still lost.
(b) As his new, young bride who needed his attention and affection.
(c) As a beautiful stranger, someone he could start a new life with.
(d) As the future mother of his children, worthy of his respect and love.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the prostitute who is Sarah's only friend?

2. When Mae dies, what does Rab do to try to help Sarah?

3. What happened the morning after Michael and Angel consummated their marriage?

4. What does Miriam Altman say about dogs and children?

5. When Michael showed Angel compassion after she returned to the cabin, she asks why. What was his response?

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