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Francine Rivers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Angel think was the great original sin?
(a) Arrogance.
(b) Love of money.
(c) Sex.
(d) Hatred.

2. Why is Sarah really sent to the coast with Cleo?
(a) So that Cleo would have company on her journey.
(b) So that Sarah's father could visit her mother alone.
(c) So that Sarah could visit her extended family.
(d) So that Sarah could see the ocean for the first time.

3. How many days was Angel delirious at Michael's cabin before she awakened?
(a) One week.
(b) One and a half days.
(c) Three days.
(d) Two hours.

4. By the beginning of the fourth chapter, how many times has Angel had said "no" to Michael's marriage proposal?
(a) Five times.
(b) Once.
(c) Three times.
(d) Two times.

5. Why did Michael decide to go back to Pair-a-Dice?
(a) He wanted to look up an old friend.
(b) He had a bad dream about Angel.
(c) He had decided to find a wife.
(d) He needed some supplies for winter.

6. When they were on their walk through the land at night, what was it that Michael wanted to show Angel?
(a) The stream.
(b) The sunrise.
(c) The family of deer.
(d) The view of the cabin below.

7. What does Jacob Altman say that he would trade for a spoonful of plum jam?
(a) Papa's watch.
(b) Gramma's ring.
(c) His sister's life.
(d) His right hand.

8. Why does Angel mentally tabulate how much time and money Michael has spent on nursing her back to health and training her for independence?
(a) In order to mock him for his wasted efforts.
(b) So she can repay him for every hour and ounce.
(c) So she can tell everyone how much he cares for her.
(d) In order to thank him for all of his efforts.

9. Why didn't Angel want to fall in love?
(a) She wanted to be free to court with other men, never to settle down.
(b) She thought it meant losing control of her emotions, will and life.
(c) She didn't want to be a mother and housewife for the rest of her life.
(d) Her greatest desire was to be left alone, to answer to no one.

10. When Angel says she's a door a thousand men have walked through, what does Michael say she is?
(a) A frozen lake, waiting for a spring thaw.
(b) A stone wall, four feet thick and a hundred feet high.
(c) A locked trunk, full of dark secrets.
(d) A window with pretty curtains, open for all to see.

11. Who introduced Michael to the Lord?
(a) A minister named John.
(b) His great-grandmother.
(c) A slave named Ezra.
(d) His school teacher.

12. What did Paul want Michael to do about his marriage to Angel?
(a) Stay until he tires of her.
(b) Make it work.
(c) Get divorced.
(d) Get it annulled.

13. What does Angel tells Michael that she knows all about?
(a) Money.
(b) Men.
(c) Love.
(d) Life.

14. Why did Alex tell his lover Mae that he never wanted Sarah?
(a) He never believed he was Sarah's biological father.
(b) He did not want to be financially responsible for Sarah.
(c) He only wanted sons to carry on his legacy.
(d) He had a legitimate family of his own.

15. Where was Paul before he came back to the valley?
(a) In the mountains, looking for God.
(b) On a fishing expedition in Alaska.
(c) In Pair-a-Dice working at a bar.
(d) On the Yuba, panning for gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Michael was telling Angel his plans for the land and the cabin, Angel said that he had enough work planned to last a long while. What was his reply?

2. When Angel returns to Pair-a-Dice, what happens to The Palace?

3. What two subjects was Lucky never allowed to talk about with Angel?

4. When Paul sees Angel, he thinks she's beautiful and dangerous. What biblical character does he not compare her to?

5. In Chapter 19, whose rules does Angel say she wants to live by?

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