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Francine Rivers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Angel think was the great original sin?
(a) Sex.
(b) Arrogance.
(c) Love of money.
(d) Hatred.

2. Why did Angel tell Michael she was staying at the brothel?
(a) She likes it.
(b) She needs the money.
(c) She has nowhere to go.
(d) She feels like it's home.

3. When Angel returns to Pair-a-Dice, what happens to The Palace?
(a) It burns down.
(b) It has a new owner.
(c) It is under construction.
(d) It has a booming business.

4. Why is Sarah really sent to the coast with Cleo?
(a) So that Sarah could visit her extended family.
(b) So that Sarah's father could visit her mother alone.
(c) So that Cleo would have company on her journey.
(d) So that Sarah could see the ocean for the first time.

5. Angel begins to like life in the little cabin. She feels comfortable and safe except for one thing. What is it?
(a) Michael Hosea.
(b) The unpredictable weather.
(c) Her memories of the Palace.
(d) The difficult chores.

6. What does Michael tell Angel to listen to in order to help her rest at his cabin?
(a) The crackling of the fire.
(b) The babbling brook nearby.
(c) Him reading out of the Bible.
(d) A mocking bird outside the window.

7. When they were on their walk through the land at night, what was it that Michael wanted to show Angel?
(a) The stream.
(b) The family of deer.
(c) The sunrise.
(d) The view of the cabin below.

8. What does Jacob Altman say that he would trade for a spoonful of plum jam?
(a) Gramma's ring.
(b) Papa's watch.
(c) His right hand.
(d) His sister's life.

9. How did Angel feel about the camaraderie between the Altmans?
(a) She was captivated by it.
(b) She was amused by it.
(c) She was confused by it.
(d) She was terrified by it.

10. When Mae dies, what does Rab do to try to help Sarah?
(a) He takes Sarah to a man he believes wants to adopt her.
(b) He does his best to be a wonderful father to Sarah.
(c) He sells his possessions to provide for Sarah's education.
(d) He asks a trusted friend to take Sarah in as a daughter.

11. When Michael was telling Angel his plans for the land and the cabin, Angel said that he had enough work planned to last a long while. What was his reply?
(a) "It'll take us a lifetime."
(b) "It won't take too long."
(c) "It will keep us busy for a while."
(d) "We will do it together."

12. When Michael showed Angel compassion after she returned to the cabin, she asks why. What was his response?
(a) "Because God told me to care for you and to nurture you."
(b) "Because for some of us, one mile can be farther to walk than thirty."
(c) "Because I have walked a mile in your shoes."
(d) "Because you would do the same for me if I was in your shoes."

13. What did God say when Michael asked him for guidance about how to help Angel?
(a) "Turn the other cheek."
(b) "Tend my lamb."
(c) "Feed my sheep."
(d) "Lead them out of Egypt."

14. What is the name of the prostitute who is Sarah's only friend?
(a) Lucky.
(b) Duchess.
(c) Mary.
(d) Mai Ling.

15. When Michael stops thinking of Angel as the prostitute he loved and who betrayed him, how does her see her?
(a) As the nameless child who had been broken and was still lost.
(b) As a beautiful stranger, someone he could start a new life with.
(c) As the future mother of his children, worthy of his respect and love.
(d) As his new, young bride who needed his attention and affection.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 19, whose rules does Angel say she wants to live by?

2. When Angel tells Michael to call her whatever he wants, what does he name her?

3. What did Ruth Altman say that she ate once when she was little?

4. How did Michael get Angel out the Silver Dollar after she ran away from the Valley?

5. When Paul asks Michael the name of his new bride, what name does Michael give him?

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