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Francine Rivers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Magowan after Angel left Pair-a-Dice?
(a) He was hanged on Main Street.
(b) He disappeared without a trace.
(c) He was the new owner of The Palace.
(d) He became a born-again Christian.

2. What did Angel think was the great original sin?
(a) Sex.
(b) Love of money.
(c) Arrogance.
(d) Hatred.

3. Why did Alex tell his lover Mae that he never wanted Sarah?
(a) He only wanted sons to carry on his legacy.
(b) He had a legitimate family of his own.
(c) He never believed he was Sarah's biological father.
(d) He did not want to be financially responsible for Sarah.

4. What happens when Alex no longer wants Mae and turns her and Sarah away?
(a) Mae becomes a housekeeper for a wealthy family.
(b) Mae becomes a mail order bride.
(c) Mae becomes a cook for a local restaurant.
(d) Mae becomes a prostitute in New York.

5. After her first week on her feet, why did Angel finally come out of the cabin?
(a) She wanted to see how close civilization was.
(b) She was lonely, and wanted Michael's company.
(c) She wanted to get to work to pay back Michael.
(d) She was bored and tired of being cooped up in the cabin.

6. What did Paul want Michael to do about his marriage to Angel?
(a) Stay until he tires of her.
(b) Make it work.
(c) Get it annulled.
(d) Get divorced.

7. When Mae dies, what does Rab do to try to help Sarah?
(a) He takes Sarah to a man he believes wants to adopt her.
(b) He does his best to be a wonderful father to Sarah.
(c) He asks a trusted friend to take Sarah in as a daughter.
(d) He sells his possessions to provide for Sarah's education.

8. How did Angel get revenge on Michael for her stained hands?
(a) By ruining his dinner.
(b) By breaking the window.
(c) By refusing to do chores.
(d) By not talking to him.

9. What members of the Altman family died on their way to Oregon?
(a) A sister and family pet.
(b) An aunt and uncle.
(c) A son and grandma.
(d) Twin baby daughters.

10. Who did Michael say that Angel fell in love with instead of him?
(a) Duke.
(b) Paul.
(c) The Altmans.
(d) The valley.

11. What did God say when Michael asked him for guidance about how to help Angel?
(a) "Feed my sheep."
(b) "Lead them out of Egypt."
(c) "Tend my lamb."
(d) "Turn the other cheek."

12. Who introduced Michael to the Lord?
(a) His great-grandmother.
(b) A minister named John.
(c) His school teacher.
(d) A slave named Ezra.

13. How did Angel feel when she walked in the cabin after returning from Pair-a-Dice?
(a) "Not this dump again."
(b) "It hasn't changed a bit."
(c) "I'm home."
(d) "I can do better."

14. When Michael Hosea sees Angel for the first time, what does God tells him?
(a) "Take my yoke upon you."
(b) "For I know the plans I have for you..."
(c) "Those without sin may cast the first stone."
(d) "This one, beloved."

15. When Michael brought Angel back home from Pair-a-Dice, he left her alone in the cabin. Angel eventually went looking for Michael; where did she find him?
(a) In the cabin, cooking.
(b) In the barn, crying.
(c) In the corral, working.
(d) In the stream, bathing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Angel feel about the Altmans doing chores?

2. What did Angel do for a job when she returned to Pair-a-Dice?

3. Why did Angel jump off the wagon when Michael tried to take her home?

4. Remembering her childhood, why did Angel say she loved the rain?

5. After one night with Duke, how is Sarah changed?

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