Redeeming Love Fun Activities

Francine Rivers
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Wind Chimes

Angel took a great deal of comfort from her home-made wind chimes. When she was little and still lived with her mother, she would set out tin cans to catch the rain and listen to the drops plinking into them, making music. As an adult, Michael made her another wind chime by hanging metal scraps, utensils, nails, and a worn horseshoe. Make your own wind chimes out of found materials.

Clothing in 1850s

At one point in the story, Michael buys Angel material to sew her own dress, but she doesn't know where to begin. Eventually, Elizabeth Altman takes over the task creating a shirtwaist and skirt for Angel. Either draw or find a picture of what women wore in the 1850s. Keep in mind that at this time in her life, Angel was a farmer's wife. The clothing she would have worn on a daily...

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