Redeeming Love Character Descriptions

Francine Rivers
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Sarah / Angel / Mara / Amanda

This character's father sold her into prostitution while she was still very young. Her name changes throughout the story.

Michael Hosea

This character is a Christian who is hard working and well respected by the community. This person is patient and loving, very gentle and quick to forgive but experiences periods of doubt in God and occasionally struggles with anger.


This character is in love with someone who is selfish and neglectful. This person sacrifices her body and pride for someone who causes nothing but pain only to be left destitute and alone.

Alex Stafford

This character, married with children, never wanted a child with his lover. This character dies in the book.


This character was a housekeeper and often had the responsibility of caring for a child. This character tells the child everything there is to know about relationships and life...

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