Redeeming Love Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Francine Rivers
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Prologue | Chapter One

It is 1835 in New England. Sarah meets her father (Alex Stafford) for the first time and learns that he never wanted her. When Alex tires of Sarah's mother (Mae), Sarah and Mae move to the docks of New York to live, and eventually Mae resorts to prostitution to survive.

• When Sarah is eight, Mae becomes ill and dies, leaving her companion, Uncle Rab, with the responsibility of caring for Sarah.

• Rab takes Sarah to a wealthy man he believes wants to adopt Sarah; instead Duke takes her to bed and renames her Angel.

• It's 1850 in California, and eighteen-year-old Angel is a prostitute in a town called Pair-a-Dice, where she works for the Duchess.

• Her only friend is a fellow prostitute named Lucky. Angel, however, does not open up about her life or her past to anyone, including Lucky, and insists that she survives by not...

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