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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brigham say to Fiona when he comes down to the ball?

2. How does Serena respond to Brigham's misunderstanding about the blood on her dress?

3. In Chapter Four why does Mrs. Drummond make certain Fiona doesn't hear what she is saying to Serena?

4. Why does Gwen take charge when they get Coll into the house?

5. What does Brigham think when he sees Serena with blood on her dress?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Serena tends to Brigham's wound, what does she discover?

2. When Brigham says he wants Serena in Chapter Seven, what does she assume he means?

3. Why does Brigham remind his groom, Jem, to remember Malcolm is young and impressionable?

4. When are bagpipes most often used?

5. Why is Brigham disturbed by the way Serena treats him in Chapter Two?

6. What is Coll's reaction when Maggie MacDonald arrives at Glenroe for a visit with her friends?

7. How does Serena get Coll to eat while he is complaining about the food in Chapter Three?

8. What is unusual about Serena's behavior as she sits in front of the fire with her mother brushing her hair?

9. How does Maggie tease Serena when she does nothing but deny any interest in Brigham?

10. What does Fiona tell Serena about meeting her father that surprises Serena?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

So much of the novel is based on Serena's dislike and distrust of anyone English. Explain why she has such difficulty getting beyond this in her relationship with Brigham.

Essay Topic 2

What is it about Brigham that he so easily builds a trusting relationship with young Malcolm?

Essay Topic 3

Give examples of how Commander O'Sullivan and Commander Murray differ in their war tactics and what results in the situations where they disagreed.

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