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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Ian and Brigham have to be careful of if they plan another meeting of the clans?

2. What does Malcolm say when he meets Brigham?

3. What does Ian plan to disguise the meeting of the clans?

4. In Chapter Four why does Mrs. Drummond make certain Fiona doesn't hear what she is saying to Serena?

5. What book is Serena reading as she sits with Coll?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Brigham says he wants Serena in Chapter Seven, what does she assume he means?

2. What is Coll's reaction when Maggie MacDonald arrives at Glenroe for a visit with her friends?

3. What happens when Serena is by the water daydreaming about Brigham in Chapter Five?

4. Why doesn't Serena like Brigham in spite of the fact that he got her brother to safety after being wounded?

5. Why does Fiona tell Serena to take the younger children and hide in the nursery?

6. What happens when Brigham sees Serena leaving the barn with blood all over her skirt?

7. Why does the Captain beat and rape Fiona?

8. What happens when Brigham orders Parkins to stay behind while he goes with Ian to meet with the Highland clans?

9. What is unusual about Serena's behavior as she sits in front of the fire with her mother brushing her hair?

10. What is Serena thinking about as she churns butter hard enough to turn it rancid?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain what is going through Serena's mind when she thinks Brigham wants her for a mistress. Give examples of her conflicting thoughts that create her indecision.

Essay Topic 2

What else do we learn about Serena from her experiences in the cave? She is pregnant and has a husband who is recovering from a near death experience, yet when there is danger, she doesn't hesitate to do what has to be done to protect those she loves.

Essay Topic 3

Give examples of how Commander O'Sullivan and Commander Murray differ in their war tactics and what results in the situations where they disagreed.

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