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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Brigham talks about their being together after the war, how does Serena respond?
(a) She doesn't love him enough.
(b) She doesn't want to live in London.
(c) She doesn't shame her family.
(d) She doesn't want to leave her family.

2. In Chapter Eleven, what is happening between Parsins and Mrs. Drummond?
(a) They are courting.
(b) They are arguing a lot.
(c) They are going to retire.
(d) They are planning a going away party.

3. What is the next stumbling block to Serena and Brigham getting married?
(a) Serena doesn't think she can make him happy.
(b) Serena doesn't think she can be an Earl's wife.
(c) Serena doesn't think she can leave her parents.
(d) Serena doesn't think she can live in a city.

4. How does the Prince finally proceed with the war?
(a) They retreat.
(b) He decide to think on it longer.
(c) They move forward.
(d) He flip a coin.

5. What does Brigham learn about the Jacobites in London?
(a) There are many who are spies.
(b) While there are many, not all fight for the Prince.
(c) Some of them change parties.
(d) Many of them are changing their allegiance.

Short Answer Questions

1. As they marched to war, what is Brigham thinking about the men?

2. Why does Brigham join the game of dice with Colonel Standish?

3. What do both Brigham and Serena admit after making love?

4. Who exercises privileges by claiming a dance with Serena?

5. What does Serena do when Brigham leaves for London the following morning?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Brigham wonder about the men and their understanding about the battles they win?

2. Why does Brigham go to the men's club that evening, even though he is warned to leave? Doesn't he care that he is in danger?

3. What happens when five dragoons find Serena and the rest hiding in the cave?

4. What happens when the Scots reach Edinburgh? What does Brigham and Coll say about what is happening after they took the city?

5. What bothers Brigham about the English officer named Standish? Why does he join the game where Standish is playing a game of dice? What does Brigham do, and why?

6. What does Brigham say when she tells him there is nothing she denies him? Explain why he feels that way?

7. Why is Serena so upset when Brigham finds her near the water?

8. What happens in the fight just south of Stirling regarding the battle and the personal toll?

9. In Chapter Nine, when Brigham finds Serena at her favorite place near the water, what is she doing?

10. How does the author handle the crossover between what is happening in Glenroe at the same time as the battle near Culloden House? How do each progress?

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