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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the duel between Bringham and the Colonel end?
(a) Brigham is nearly killed and concedes.
(b) Brigham is wounded, but Standish is dead.
(c) Standish is dead and Brigham doesn't have a mark on him.
(d) Brigham is wounded and Standish runs away.

2. What happens when Serena asks Brigham to make love with her?
(a) Brigham hesitates, then finally gives in.
(b) Brigham says no and rides away.
(c) Brigham agrees without hesitation.
(d) Brigham says not before they are married.

3. What news does Brigham have for Serena after he comes to their room and finds her crying in Chapter 13?
(a) She can stay at Holyrood, but the men are leaving for London.
(b) She must leave the next day because they are going to march to London.
(c) She must leave the next day because it's time for the men to begin planning their next attack.
(d) He isn't feeling well and wants to rest.

4. What does Brigham think they should do about the war?
(a) He has no thoughts on the subject.
(b) Move on before they lose more momentum.
(c) He agrees with Murray.
(d) Retreat.

5. What do Coll and Malcolm see from the ridge that overlooked Glenroe?
(a) A hundred dragoons.
(b) Smoke from their burning home.
(c) Everyone running for cover.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the March finally begin?

2. What happens when everyone in the cave is threatened by English soldiers?

3. Who arrives in Edinburgh to surprise Brigham, Coll and Ian?

4. Filled with gossip, what does Malcolm tell Brigham about Maggie?

5. Why does Brigham want the duel the Colonel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Brigham wonder about the men and their understanding about the battles they win?

2. When Serena and the rest of the family arrive in Edinburgh, what does Brigham do? What happens as a result of it?

3. How does the author handle the crossover between what is happening in Glenroe at the same time as the battle near Culloden House? How do each progress?

4. In Chapter Nine, when Brigham finds Serena at her favorite place near the water, what is she doing?

5. What happens when five dragoons find Serena and the rest hiding in the cave?

6. What does Brigham think is wrong with the battleground at Drumossie Moor?

7. What does Serena admit to her mother she is upset about marrying Brigham? What does Fiona tell Serena after realizing her daughter is so distressed over whether she marries Brigham or not?

8. How do they treat Brigham's wounds in the cave?

9. In Chapter Nine, why does Brigham follow Serena to her favorite place near the water? What does Serena ask him to do? What does he do?

10. What surprise does Brigham have when he comes to in the cave?

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