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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Serena do when Brigham leaves for London the following morning?
(a) She cries from a broken heart.
(b) She tells her father she wants to be a nun.
(c) She says good riddance.
(d) She tells her mother to intervien on her behalf so she doesn't have to marry Brigham.

2. Where does Brigham go before leaving London?
(a) To the doctor.
(b) To his club.
(c) To a meeting.
(d) To a cigar bar.

3. In Chapter Eleven, why does Fiona ask Serena to sit down?
(a) She has a problem and wants to talk to Serena about it.
(b) She is upset because Serena is keeping secrets.
(c) She is angry because Serena is neglecting her chores.
(d) She senses there is something wrong with Serena and wants to talk about it.

4. What happens when everyone in the cave is threatened by English soldiers?
(a) Malcolm shoots one with an arrow.
(b) Serena and Parkins shoot two of them.
(c) All the answers are correct.
(d) Coll has a swordfight with one, and Serena shoots the last one.

5. How bad does Gwen say Brigham's wound is?
(a) It needs stiches.
(b) It isn't as bad as it looks.
(c) He needs a doctor
(d) It takes a long time to heal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Brigham join the game of dice with Colonel Standish?

2. What happens when Serena asks Brigham to make love with her?

3. What does Commander Murray tell Prince Charles about the land at Drumossie Moor?

4. What time are Serena and Brigham married?

5. In Chapter Eleven, what is happening between Parsins and Mrs. Drummond?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Serena and the rest of the family arrive in Edinburgh, what does Brigham do? What happens as a result of it?

2. In Chapter Nine, why does Brigham follow Serena to her favorite place near the water? What does Serena ask him to do? What does he do?

3. What does Malcolm admit he is upset about when he talks with Brigham? How does Brigham react to what Malcolm tells him? What does Brigham tell Malcolm?

4. What is Serena struggling with during the three weeks in Holyrood House?

5. What surprise does Brigham have when he comes to in the cave?

6. What happens to Brigham and Coll as the battle at Drumossie Moor is lost to the Highlanders?

7. What does Brigham learn from the earl of Whitesmouth?

8. Where are the family when Coll and Brigham return to Glenroe and no one is there? What do they do?

9. What bothers Brigham about the English officer named Standish? Why does he join the game where Standish is playing a game of dice? What does Brigham do, and why?

10. What does Serena admit to her mother she is upset about marrying Brigham? What does Fiona tell Serena after realizing her daughter is so distressed over whether she marries Brigham or not?

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