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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gwen take charge when they get Coll into the house?
(a) Gwen is a doctor.
(b) Gwen is a nurse.
(c) Gwen is a faith healer.
(d) Gwen has medical experience.

2. What happens to Serena when Brigham finally kisses her in Chapter Four?
(a) She responds to his kiss.
(b) She starts to cry.
(c) She struggles to be free.
(d) She kicks him again.

3. How does Fiona explain how she know when she is in love?
(a) When she has butterflies in her stomach when she sees Ian.
(b) When her heart speaks louder than her head.
(c) When Ian asks her to marry him.
(d) At first sight.

4. What does Coll do when Ian tells them he invites Maggie MacDonald to visit?
(a) He gets angry and says he must go away.
(b) He groans saying Maggie is a nuisance.
(c) He laughs and says he's looking forward to seeing her again.
(d) He cries.

5. How does Brigham reply to Coll's complaints in Chapter Five?
(a) He tells Coll he'll be able to ride again soon.
(b) He tells Coll he isn't well enough.
(c) He tells Coll to stop being a big baby.
(d) He tells Coll he's the lucky one.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the morning at the beginning of Chapter Three, what is Brigham thinking about his valet?

2. Over Brighan's breakfast, who does Fiona say asks to see him?

3. Who does Brigham ask to dance the first dance?

4. What does Coll tell Maggie after she finally gets his attention?

5. What does Ian plan to disguise the meeting of the clans?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Serena thinking about as she churns butter hard enough to turn it rancid?

2. Why doesn't Serena like Brigham in spite of the fact that he got her brother to safety after being wounded?

3. When Brigham says he wants Serena in Chapter Seven, what does she assume he means?

4. What surprises Serena about Brigham's kisses?

5. After Brigham mentions his upcoming trip to London, what happens to Serena's mood? Why? What affect does her mood have on Brigham?

6. When are bagpipes most often used?

7. Why does Fiona tell Serena to take the younger children and hide in the nursery?

8. What happens when Serena is by the water daydreaming about Brigham in Chapter Five?

9. What does Brigham risk as he helps the Scottish Highland clans prepare for war against England?

10. Why is Brigham disturbed by the way Serena treats him in Chapter Two?

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