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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Serena respond to Brigham's misunderstanding about the blood on her dress?
(a) She gets angry.
(b) She starts to giggle.
(c) She tells him he is foolish.
(d) She is too tired to respond.

2. What does Serena think about while she rests from her ride?
(a) Coll's injury.
(b) The impending war.
(c) The work that still needs to be done.
(d) Fancy London balls.

3. What happens to Coll when he and Brigham fight off their attackers in Chapter One?
(a) He falls off his horse and hits his head.
(b) He celebrates their victory.
(c) He sets a trap in case the men return.
(d) He is seriously wounded.

4. How old is Coll MacGregor when he is permitted to go hunting with his father?
(a) Sixteen.
(b) Twelve years old.
(c) Barely fourteen.
(d) Almost fifteen.

5. Who sends the letter to Brigham that Coll is so anxious to read?
(a) Captain Standish.
(b) Mary MacDonald.
(c) Ian MacGregor.
(d) Prince Charles Stuart.

Short Answer Questions

1. What treasured item does Brigham pack to take with him on his trip to Scotland?

2. What does Serena feed Coll for breakfast?

3. In the opening of Chapter Five, what is Coll complaining about?

4. What does Brigham feel about the people who are their hosts along the trail?

5. What happens to the MacGregor's in 1735?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Brigham mentions his upcoming trip to London, what happens to Serena's mood? Why? What affect does her mood have on Brigham?

2. How does Maggie tease Serena when she does nothing but deny any interest in Brigham?

3. What happens when Serena is by the water daydreaming about Brigham in Chapter Five?

4. What happens when Brigham sees Serena dancing with the other men?

5. What surprises Serena about Brigham's kisses?

6. What is Coll's reaction when Maggie MacDonald arrives at Glenroe for a visit with her friends?

7. What happens when Brigham sees how Serena looks at the ball?

8. What is Serena thinking about as she churns butter hard enough to turn it rancid?

9. As Serena tends to Brigham's wound, what does she discover?

10. Why is Brigham disturbed by the way Serena treats him in Chapter Two?

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