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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Serena insist Malcolm do when he wants to visit Coll?
(a) Get washed up.
(b) Go outside.
(c) Take a nap.
(d) Change his dirty shoes.

2. In Chapter Four why does Mrs. Drummond make certain Fiona doesn't hear what she is saying to Serena?
(a) They are planning a surprise party for Fiona.
(b) They are talking about delicate matters.
(c) They are discussing politics.
(d) They are discussing Coll's condition.

3. What happens to Coll when he sees Maggie MacDonald in Chapter Seven?
(a) He's annoyed because she ignores him.
(b) He's angry because she always annoys him.
(c) He's annoyed because she looks too eager to see him.
(d) He's stunned at how she's grown into such a beautiful woman.

4. What does Brigham think when he sees Serena with blood on her dress?
(a) That she hurts herself.
(b) That she is attacked by a man.
(c) That she is butchering a hog.
(d) That she kills someone.

5. What does Brigham notice about Maggie MacDonald?
(a) She is very interested in Coll.
(b) She is not interested in Coll.
(c) She is a terrible hostess.
(d) She is flirting with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Serena feed Coll for breakfast?

2. Who is Serena MacGregor?

3. What does Maggie say when Coll finally asks her to marry him?

4. Who shows up while Serena is resting from her ride in Chapter Four?

5. Why is Brigham upset with Parkins again?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Serena thinking about as she churns butter hard enough to turn it rancid?

2. What happens when Brigham orders Parkins to stay behind while he goes with Ian to meet with the Highland clans?

3. When are bagpipes most often used?

4. Why does Brigham threaten to throw Serena into the water?

5. Why does the Captain beat and rape Fiona?

6. What happens when Brigham sees how Serena looks at the ball?

7. When Brigham says he wants Serena in Chapter Seven, what does she assume he means?

8. As Serena tends to Brigham's wound, what does she discover?

9. Why is Brigham disturbed by the way Serena treats him in Chapter Two?

10. What happens when Serena is by the water daydreaming about Brigham in Chapter Five?

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