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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brigham tell Malcolm when the boy is unhappy because he cannot go to war with the men?
(a) He'll be old enough to fight in the next war.
(b) He is foolish to think such a thing.
(c) He is needed at home to help protect the women.
(d) He can go if he proves his ability with a claymore.

2. Who does Bringham warn to leave London soon?
(a) Viscount Leighton.
(b) Parkins.
(c) Miltway.
(d) Alice Beesley.

3. What does Brigham ask Prince Charles permission to do?
(a) To be his best man.
(b) To use the Prince's chambers that night.
(c) Get married to Serena at Holyrood.
(d) To be able to take Serena home to be married.

4. What does Serena do when Brigham leaves for London the following morning?
(a) She cries from a broken heart.
(b) She tells her mother to intervien on her behalf so she doesn't have to marry Brigham.
(c) She says good riddance.
(d) She tells her father she wants to be a nun.

5. Who arrives in Edinburgh to surprise Brigham, Coll and Ian?
(a) Malcolm.
(b) Parkins.
(c) Serena and the rest of the family.
(d) Prince Charles.

6. Back at Glenroe, what do Serena and Malcolm do when they learn the English are getting closer?
(a) They plan an escape route to Ireland.
(b) The prepare a secret passage into the basement.
(c) They plan to stock up a cave to hide in if they have to leave.
(d) They have a hut deep in the forest they stock as a hiding place.

7. What does Serena tell Brigham she does if he is killed?
(a) She dies of sadness.
(b) She never marries another man.
(c) She hates him forever.
(d) She remains a spinster.

8. What does the Prince decide about a battle at Drumossie Moor?
(a) They send men out to set fires around the English so they are trapped.
(b) They stay and fight.
(c) They retreat.
(d) They sneak around and attack the English from behind.

9. What does Serena do when Brigham regains consciousness?
(a) She kisses him.
(b) She asks Gwen to check him over.
(c) She cries.
(d) She calls everyone to tell them.

10. Who shows up when Serena and the family are hiding in the cave?
(a) English dragoons.
(b) Several Scots in need of help.
(c) Brigham and Coll.
(d) No one.

11. What teasing warning does Serena give Brigham about ever having a mistress?
(a) She packs his bags and leaves them outside.
(b) She kills her and him, but him more horribly.
(c) She divorces him.
(d) She throws him out on his ear.

12. What does Serena confess to her mother about her relationship with Brigham?
(a) That she and Brigham are getting married.
(b) That she and Brigham make love.
(c) That she would rather lose him than shame him.
(d) That she and Brigham are courting.

13. What does Brigham threaten to do to force her to marry him?
(a) Get her pregnant.
(b) Kidnap her.
(c) Tell her father he compromises her.
(d) Lock her in a room until she agrees.

14. In Chapter Eleven, why does Fiona ask Serena to sit down?
(a) She has a problem and wants to talk to Serena about it.
(b) She is angry because Serena is neglecting her chores.
(c) She senses there is something wrong with Serena and wants to talk about it.
(d) She is upset because Serena is keeping secrets.

15. Why does Brigham remember the name Colonel Standish?
(a) He is a neighbor he dislikes.
(b) He is the man who rapes Fiona.
(c) He is an old friend.
(d) He fights against him before.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Brigham have for Serena after he comes to their room and finds her crying in Chapter 13?

2. What does Serena finally admit to Brigham after he catches up to her and forces her to talk?

3. What happens when Serena realizes he wants her to marry him, not be his mistress?

4. Why does Brigham throw wine in the Colonel's face?

5. Where does Prince Charles begin his march to war?

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