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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brigham learn about the Jacobites in London?
(a) Some of them change parties.
(b) While there are many, not all fight for the Prince.
(c) There are many who are spies.
(d) Many of them are changing their allegiance.

2. As the first cannon explodes near Culloden House what is happening at Glenroe?
(a) Malcolm runs away to fight.
(b) Fiona suggests they pack their things.
(c) Maggie is in labor.
(d) Serena and the family go to the cave.

3. What does Brigham ask Prince Charles permission to do?
(a) To use the Prince's chambers that night.
(b) To be able to take Serena home to be married.
(c) Get married to Serena at Holyrood.
(d) To be his best man.

4. Why does Brigham remember the name Colonel Standish?
(a) He fights against him before.
(b) He is the man who rapes Fiona.
(c) He is an old friend.
(d) He is a neighbor he dislikes.

5. What teasing warning does Serena give Brigham about ever having a mistress?
(a) She divorces him.
(b) She throws him out on his ear.
(c) She packs his bags and leaves them outside.
(d) She kills her and him, but him more horribly.

6. Who does Bringham warn to leave London soon?
(a) Miltway.
(b) Alice Beesley.
(c) Parkins.
(d) Viscount Leighton.

7. How does Murray advise the Prince to proceed with the war?
(a) To withdraw for the winter and regroup to launch the war in the spring.
(b) To move on so they don't freeze in one spot.
(c) To move on now before they lose more men.
(d) To sleep on it before making any more decisions.

8. What is wrong with Maggie's baby?
(a) The baby needs to be delivered by C-section.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The baby is breach.
(d) The baby stops moving.

9. Who arrives in Edinburgh to surprise Brigham, Coll and Ian?
(a) Parkins.
(b) Malcolm.
(c) Serena and the rest of the family.
(d) Prince Charles.

10. Why does Serena apologize to Parkins?
(a) For speaking to him harshly.
(b) For complaining about his work.
(c) For telling him he doesn't marry Mrs. Drummond.
(d) For not appreciating him.

11. How bad does Gwen say Brigham's wound is?
(a) It isn't as bad as it looks.
(b) It takes a long time to heal.
(c) He needs a doctor
(d) It needs stiches.

12. In Chapter Nine when Serena is out riding, what is she thinking Brigham does after the war?
(a) Find another woman.
(b) Return to London.
(c) Return to her.
(d) Travel abroad.

13. What does Brigham think about as his men moving back toward Inverness?
(a) It is time to retreat.
(b) It is time for a vacation.
(c) How close the dragoons are to Glenroe.
(d) It is better to run than to die.

14. What does Serena say to Brigham when he continues to insist she marries him, whether she agrees or not?
(a) That she would run away so he doesn't find her.
(b) That she'd rather marry a two-headed toad.
(c) That she makes his life miserable.
(d) That she'd rather marry a snake.

15. What is Serena trying to tell Brigham when he asks her to go to America with him?
(a) That she wants to stay in Skye.
(b) That she wants to go to France.
(c) That she is going into labor.
(d) That she doesn't want to go to America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Commander Murray tell Prince Charles about the land at Drumossie Moor?

2. Where does Prince Charles begin his march to war?

3. Seeing the battle is lost, what do Brigham and Coll finally decide to do?

4. What does Brigham think they should do about the war?

5. Filled with gossip, what does Malcolm tell Brigham about Maggie?

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