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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fiona tell her children to do when the English Dragoons arrive?
(a) To get their father for help.
(b) To hide in basement.
(c) To lock themselves in the nursery.
(d) To run out of the back of the house and hide.

2. How does Serena greet Brigham when he arrives at Glenroe?
(a) She shakes his hand.
(b) She's happy he saves her brother.
(c) She kisses his cheek.
(d) Very ungraciously.

3. Who are the Jacobites?
(a) Scottish rebels.
(b) English who are loyal to James Stuart.
(c) People who come from Jacoba.
(d) English who are loyal to the current King.

4. In Chapter Two, what does Fiona order Serena to do?
(a) To care for Brigham's wound.
(b) To show proper respect to a guest.
(c) All answers are correct.
(d) To provide Brigham with a meal.

5. What Gaelic term does Serena call Brigham?
(a) Farfenuggen.
(b) Infenugen.
(c) Scarecrow.
(d) Sassenach.

6. What does Maggie do to trick Coll into noticing her?
(a) She pretends she's interested in Brigham.
(b) She pretends to faint.
(c) She pretends she isn't interested.
(d) She pretends to fall from a ladder.

7. Why does Brighan's driver, Jem, look in on Malcolm's horse?
(a) Because Jem is a veternarian.
(b) Because Malcolm's horse is sick.
(c) Because Marcolm's horse is expecting to foal soon.
(d) Because Brigham wants to buy Malcolm's horse.

8. What happens to Coll when he sees Maggie MacDonald in Chapter Seven?
(a) He's annoyed because she looks too eager to see him.
(b) He's stunned at how she's grown into such a beautiful woman.
(c) He's angry because she always annoys him.
(d) He's annoyed because she ignores him.

9. What does Brigham think when he sees Serena with blood on her dress?
(a) That she is attacked by a man.
(b) That she hurts herself.
(c) That she is butchering a hog.
(d) That she kills someone.

10. What does Brigham feel about the people who are their hosts along the trail?
(a) None of the answers are correct.
(b) That they are peasants.
(c) That they are not intelligent.
(d) That they are too weak to fight with them.

11. In the opening of Chapter Seven, what bad news does Brigham receive?
(a) Napoleon decides not to help them with the war.
(b) France decides to side with England in the war.
(c) King Louis of Italy decides not to help with the war.
(d) King Louis of France does not help with their war to restor the throne to Charles.

12. What does Serena feed Coll for breakfast?
(a) Cereal.
(b) A thin gruel.
(c) Ham and eggs.
(d) Pancakes

13. What happens to Coll when he and Brigham fight off their attackers in Chapter One?
(a) He celebrates their victory.
(b) He sets a trap in case the men return.
(c) He is seriously wounded.
(d) He falls off his horse and hits his head.

14. What does Serena do to Brigham that has him lifting her off her feet?
(a) She spits on him.
(b) She kicks him in the shin.
(c) She curses at him.
(d) She slaps his face.

15. What does Serena do when her mother is slapped by a Dragoon?
(a) She stabs the soldier.
(b) She hides with her brother and sister.
(c) She tries to fight the soldier.
(d) She runs for help.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Serena MacGregor?

2. How does Fiona explain how she know when she is in love?

3. What is Brigham hoping happens while he is away from Serena?

4. In the morning at the beginning of Chapter Three, what is Brigham thinking about his valet?

5. What is Brigham Langston's title?

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