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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Serena do when her mother is slapped by a Dragoon?
(a) She hides with her brother and sister.
(b) She stabs the soldier.
(c) She runs for help.
(d) She tries to fight the soldier.

2. When Brigham finally dances with Serena, what does he tell her he is trying to figure out?
(a) If she dances as well as she rides.
(b) If she waits for him when he goes to war.
(c) If she loves him as much as he loves her.
(d) If she looks more lovely in the green gown or in breeches.

3. Who do Ian and Brigham have to be careful of if they plan another meeting of the clans?
(a) The Black Watch.
(b) The Jacobites.
(c) The Wigs.
(d) The Campbells.

4. Who is Malcolm MacGregor?
(a) Fions's adopted son.
(b) The youngest MacGregor child.
(c) Ian MacGregor's adopted son.
(d) Serena's son.

5. What is Brigham hoping happens while he is away from Serena?
(a) He hopes she is not there when he returns.
(b) He hopes he forgets her.
(c) He hopes she misses him.
(d) He hopes he gets over the way he feels about her.

6. How does Fiona explain how she know when she is in love?
(a) When her heart speaks louder than her head.
(b) When she has butterflies in her stomach when she sees Ian.
(c) When Ian asks her to marry him.
(d) At first sight.

7. What happens when Brigham asks Ian if he marries Serena?
(a) Ian frowns and says he's not sure.
(b) Ian says Brigham has to prove himself first.
(c) Ian wants to know how Serena feels.
(d) Ian says no.

8. How does Brigham reply to Coll's complaints in Chapter Five?
(a) He tells Coll he isn't well enough.
(b) He tells Coll to stop being a big baby.
(c) He tells Coll he'll be able to ride again soon.
(d) He tells Coll he's the lucky one.

9. In Chapter One, where are the two men from who attack Brigham and Coll on the trail to Glenroe?
(a) They are robbers from Edinburgh.
(b) They are from the Campbell clan.
(c) They are English soldiers from Inverness.
(d) They are from the MacDonald Clan.

10. In Chapter Four, what does Brigham say about Serena's insults since he arrives?
(a) That he doesn't take it any more.
(b) That she thinks she gets away with it becasue she is a woman.
(c) That she has no respect.
(d) That she is a spoiled brat.

11. What is Brigham Langston's title?
(a) Duke of Langston.
(b) Captain Langston.
(c) The fourth earl of Ashburn.
(d) Duke of Earle.

12. Who shows up while Serena is resting from her ride in Chapter Four?
(a) The Campbells.
(b) Gwen.
(c) Malcolm.
(d) Brigham.

13. What does Ian plan to disguise the meeting of the clans?
(a) A wedding and he invites all the friendly clans.
(b) A ball because both Maggie and Serena are of marrying age.
(c) A birthday party because he's turning fifty.
(d) A picnic with a boar roast.

14. Who are the Jacobites?
(a) People who come from Jacoba.
(b) Scottish rebels.
(c) English who are loyal to the current King.
(d) English who are loyal to James Stuart.

15. Who sends the letter to Brigham that Coll is so anxious to read?
(a) Captain Standish.
(b) Mary MacDonald.
(c) Prince Charles Stuart.
(d) Ian MacGregor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Fiona suggest Brigham have his breakfast?

2. Who summons Brigham downstairs on his first evening in Glenroe?

3. What does Maggie do to trick Coll into noticing her?

4. How does Fiona respond when Serena says she wishes she is more like her or Gwen?

5. What does Maggie say when Coll finally asks her to marry him?

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