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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Four why does Mrs. Drummond make certain Fiona doesn't hear what she is saying to Serena?
(a) They are planning a surprise party for Fiona.
(b) They are discussing Coll's condition.
(c) They are discussing politics.
(d) They are talking about delicate matters.

2. How does Brigham reply to Coll's complaints in Chapter Five?
(a) He tells Coll to stop being a big baby.
(b) He tells Coll he'll be able to ride again soon.
(c) He tells Coll he's the lucky one.
(d) He tells Coll he isn't well enough.

3. Where does Fiona suggest Brigham have his breakfast?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In the parlor.
(c) In his room.
(d) In the dining room.

4. What does Fiona tell her children to do when the English Dragoons arrive?
(a) To run out of the back of the house and hide.
(b) To lock themselves in the nursery.
(c) To get their father for help.
(d) To hide in basement.

5. What does Brigham notice about Maggie MacDonald?
(a) She is a terrible hostess.
(b) She is not interested in Coll.
(c) She is very interested in Coll.
(d) She is flirting with him.

6. Who is Serena MacGregor?
(a) A woman who becomes a spy for Scottland.
(b) Leader of the MacGregor's inner circle.
(c) The lovely oldest daughter of Ian and Fiona.
(d) The middle child of the MacGregor's.

7. What is Brigham hoping happens while he is away from Serena?
(a) He hopes he forgets her.
(b) He hopes he gets over the way he feels about her.
(c) He hopes she misses him.
(d) He hopes she is not there when he returns.

8. At the end of Chapter Seven, what does Serena think Brigham is asking her?
(a) To stop acting like a child.
(b) To be his wife.
(c) To stay away from him.
(d) To be his mistress.

9. How old is Coll MacGregor when he is permitted to go hunting with his father?
(a) Almost fifteen.
(b) Barely fourteen.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Twelve years old.

10. Who lives at Glenfinnan?
(a) The Campbells.
(b) The Stuarts.
(c) The MacDonalds.
(d) The Camerons.

11. Why does Serena say she wishes she were a man?
(a) Because then she could be head of the house.
(b) Because then she could ride in breeches.
(c) Because then she doesn't have to sit and wait.
(d) Because then she would never have to have a baby.

12. What does Serena do to Brigham that has him lifting her off her feet?
(a) She spits on him.
(b) She curses at him.
(c) She kicks him in the shin.
(d) She slaps his face.

13. What does Serena say about English blood?
(a) English blood runs thin.
(b) English blood runs blue.
(c) English blood runs yellow.
(d) English blood runs cold.

14. In Chapter Two, what does Fiona order Serena to do?
(a) To provide Brigham with a meal.
(b) All answers are correct.
(c) To care for Brigham's wound.
(d) To show proper respect to a guest.

15. Why does Brighan's driver, Jem, look in on Malcolm's horse?
(a) Because Brigham wants to buy Malcolm's horse.
(b) Because Malcolm's horse is sick.
(c) Because Marcolm's horse is expecting to foal soon.
(d) Because Jem is a veternarian.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the opening of Chapter Five, what is Coll complaining about?

2. How does Fiona explain how she know when she is in love?

3. What does Ian plan to disguise the meeting of the clans?

4. What happens to Serena when Brigham finally kisses her in Chapter Four?

5. How does Fiona respond when Serena says she wishes she is more like her or Gwen?

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