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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brigham suddenly realize after Serena admits she wishes she goes with him and her father?
(a) He loves her.
(b) He is tired of fighting with her.
(c) He dislikes her spunk and spirit.
(d) He wants to get away from her.

2. Why is there blood on Serena's dress in Chapter Five?
(a) Because she helps with the birth of a foal.
(b) Because she is butchering.
(c) Because she hurts herself.
(d) Because she is hurt.

3. What happens to Serena when Brigham finally kisses her in Chapter Four?
(a) She starts to cry.
(b) She kicks him again.
(c) She responds to his kiss.
(d) She struggles to be free.

4. What happens while Maggie and Gwen are pinning up Serena's dress for the ball?
(a) They end up arguing over Brigham.
(b) They giggle and act silly.
(c) They talk about all the men they meet at the ball.
(d) They talk about Brigham and tease Serena about him.

5. What happens when Brigham sees Serena holding hands with another man?
(a) He gives her a warning.
(b) He is jealous.
(c) All of the answers are correct.
(d) He pulls her outside.

6. Who tries to pacify Coll saying they take him for a walk?
(a) Gwen.
(b) Fiona.
(c) Malcolm.
(d) Serena.

7. What does Serena insist Malcolm do when he wants to visit Coll?
(a) Take a nap.
(b) Go outside.
(c) Change his dirty shoes.
(d) Get washed up.

8. Who are the Jacobites?
(a) English who are loyal to the current King.
(b) Scottish rebels.
(c) People who come from Jacoba.
(d) English who are loyal to James Stuart.

9. What does Malcolm say when he meets Brigham?
(a) He asks if he is the man who saves his brother's life.
(b) He asks if Brigham is the English pig.
(c) He says he is happy to meet Brigham.
(d) He laughs and tells Brigham Serena hates him.

10. What is Brigham Langston's title?
(a) Duke of Earle.
(b) Captain Langston.
(c) The fourth earl of Ashburn.
(d) Duke of Langston.

11. In Chapter Six, why is Fiona more concerned about Serena than her other children?
(a) Because she always manages to get into trouble.
(b) Because of her stubborness.
(c) Because she is a sickly child.
(d) Because of Serena's temper and a heart that is easily hurt.

12. In the opening of Chapter Five, what is Coll complaining about?
(a) He is jealous that Brigham can ride.
(b) He is sick of eating gruel.
(c) He wants to go with his father and Brigham.
(d) He is bored being in bed.

13. In the morning at the beginning of Chapter Three, what is Brigham thinking about his valet?
(a) That Parkins insist he purchases all new clothing.
(b) That Parkins shoot him for tearing his coat.
(c) That Parkins laugh at the way he looks.
(d) That Parkins cringe to see the condition of his clothing.

14. What is Brigham hoping happens while he is away from Serena?
(a) He hopes she misses him.
(b) He hopes she is not there when he returns.
(c) He hopes he gets over the way he feels about her.
(d) He hopes he forgets her.

15. At the very end of Chapter Eight, what does Brigham promise Serena after telling her he goes back to London in two days?
(a) That he returns from London.
(b) That he loves no other woman.
(c) That he marries her.
(d) That he stays in London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brigham think when he sees Serena with blood on her dress?

2. What is Serena's special place to go when she is troubled?

3. What does Serena do when her mother is slapped by a Dragoon?

4. How does Fiona respond when Serena says she wishes she is more like her or Gwen?

5. Why does Brigham give Serena his handkerchief?

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