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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the morning at the beginning of Chapter Three, what is Brigham thinking about his valet?
(a) That Parkins shoot him for tearing his coat.
(b) That Parkins laugh at the way he looks.
(c) That Parkins insist he purchases all new clothing.
(d) That Parkins cringe to see the condition of his clothing.

2. What does Serena do to Brigham that has him lifting her off her feet?
(a) She slaps his face.
(b) She spits on him.
(c) She kicks him in the shin.
(d) She curses at him.

3. What secret wish does Serena have that means she has to go to confession?
(a) She never has to scrub another pot.
(b) She never has to milk another cow.
(c) She never has to wash another shirt.
(d) All answers are correct.

4. What does Brigham think when he sees Serena with blood on her dress?
(a) That she kills someone.
(b) That she is attacked by a man.
(c) That she hurts herself.
(d) That she is butchering a hog.

5. How does Fiona respond when Serena says she wishes she is more like her or Gwen?
(a) She misses her high spiritedness.
(b) She is what she is born to be, and Fiona doesn't have it any other way.
(c) It is be too quiet in the house if she is like them.
(d) She can't be what she isn't.

6. Who tries to pacify Coll saying they take him for a walk?
(a) Gwen.
(b) Fiona.
(c) Serena.
(d) Malcolm.

7. Where does Fiona suggest Brigham have his breakfast?
(a) In his room.
(b) In the dining room.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) In the parlor.

8. In the opening of Chapter Seven, what bad news does Brigham receive?
(a) King Louis of Italy decides not to help with the war.
(b) King Louis of France does not help with their war to restor the throne to Charles.
(c) France decides to side with England in the war.
(d) Napoleon decides not to help them with the war.

9. What does Brigham do to Serena that he feels the need to apologize for?
(a) Brigham scolds Serena.
(b) Brigham slaps Serena.
(c) Brigham kisses Serena.
(d) Brigham laughs at Serena.

10. What Gaelic term does Serena call Brigham?
(a) Scarecrow.
(b) Infenugen.
(c) Sassenach.
(d) Farfenuggen.

11. What does Serena say about English blood?
(a) English blood runs blue.
(b) English blood runs yellow.
(c) English blood runs cold.
(d) English blood runs thin.

12. How old is Coll MacGregor when he is permitted to go hunting with his father?
(a) Sixteen.
(b) Twelve years old.
(c) Barely fourteen.
(d) Almost fifteen.

13. What does Serena feed Coll for breakfast?
(a) Cereal.
(b) Ham and eggs.
(c) A thin gruel.
(d) Pancakes

14. What does Malcolm say when he meets Brigham?
(a) He says he is happy to meet Brigham.
(b) He asks if he is the man who saves his brother's life.
(c) He laughs and tells Brigham Serena hates him.
(d) He asks if Brigham is the English pig.

15. What book is Serena reading as she sits with Coll?
(a) Macbeth.
(b) Julius Ceasar.
(c) Romeo and Juliet.
(d) Rebellion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Brigham asks Ian if he marries Serena?

2. What does Serena do when her mother is slapped by a Dragoon?

3. What does Brigham think about Serena while she tends his wound?

4. How does Fiona explain how she know when she is in love?

5. What happens when Brigham sees Serena holding hands with another man?

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